• Good luck, I would love to share my labor stories but I am afraid I would scare you. LOL I do know that by crossing your legs and squeezing really tight you can hold a baby in, trust me. I know from 3 hours of experience.
  • No labor stories here (no kids) but I do think it would be cool to have a St. Patty's Day Baby :) Have you picked out a name yet?
  • I thought the baby was due around April 20th...your ok aren't you? Maybe you should call the doctor? Now you have me worried. Please let me know how your doing throughout the day....if you think of it. Are you in serious pain?
  • I don't know any, but I would like to send you my best wishes!
  • first congrats and second i did not have the best time in labor so you really should not hear my stories. you will do fine
  • I appreciate your giving---I trust this is your first. I pray all will be well and the baby will arrive in complete health. Do as the doctors have instructed when in labor pains. I am sure everything will be alright---keep us posted Stormy.
  • Well congratulations! Good luck! I'm sure everything will be fine.
  • I have a bad labor story,so I won't share. I do wish you lots of luck and a quick delivery of a healthy baby. Also, lots of sleep for the next 18 years...
  • Well... if you're not due yet, try to keep that little one in there just a little while longer! I went to the dentist today and had to TELL her I was pregnant. You should have seen the look on her face when I said I was due in about 9 weeks. With my first child, I went into labor ON her due date. I was trying to avoid having to sit around in the hospital for a long time, so my husband timed the contractions for me and the MOMENT it hit 5 minutes apart, he panicked and told me we were going to the hospital. So we went to the hospital shortly before midnight and I spent the night sleeping in between contractions. I think I got more sleep than he did, though! I went all-natural with the childbirth, and it actually wasn't that bad. The two funny stories that go with it are: First, I had allowed my mother-in-law to be there since she's a nurse and said she'd always wanted to see a baby be born and she thought I was the only chance she'd ever have. (Her daughters are less than likely to ever marry, really.) So she and the nurse were there and they kept giving my husband a hard time. Telling him it was all his fault, he couldn't do anything right, and all the things the mother/wife stereotypically says. I don't know what was wrong with them, because I kept defending him and they kept on trying to get me to say mean things. I mean... it's NOT all his fault there's a baby. Takes two to tango, as they say. Seriously... at LEAST give me the chance to be the one to rag on him if I want to, otherwise lay off! The other story is that when my daughter was actually born, nobody had warned my husband that they expected him to cut the cord and announce a gender. He's pretty squeamish around blood and had stayed up with me where he couldn't see anything much on purpose. So they handed this pair of scissors to the poor guy and all expectantly looked at him saying "Well? What is it?" So he says "Um, it's a baby?" I think with this one we'll allow ahead of time as how he does NOT need to announce and cut the cord unless he decides he wants to. Talk about a great way to make a new dad panic completely after an already stressful and sleepless night for him! Really, I think ME giving birth was as hard for him in his own way, as it was for me.
  • I will refrain. Are you trying to punish yourself :) The last thing I would want to hear are labor stories.

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