• The strength gain/loss by ingesting processed sugar vs. natural honey vs. sacarine. Find a weight that you can hold with one outstretched arm steady for a couple minutes, then test one minute up to half an hour to see what would be a good contrast after ingesting the different forms of sugar. measure the distance that your arm drops w/o any sugars in 15 second, intervals, then test each sugar on separate days so that the previous sugar is out of your system. Variation: have someone push down on your arm instead of holding a weight.
  • The best science fair project I came across was an eleven year old girl who asked a number of faith healers to "read" her aura. Because she was a young girl, the faith healers accepted her in a way that they would not have done with an adult. Unbeknownst to them, half the time she did not put her hand where she would have had to in order for her aura to be "read" - yet the results from that half were indistinguishable from the half who had a hand to read. She wrote this up properly (with help, I think) and became the youngest author ever to be published in a per-reviewed scholarly journal. And, in my opinion, a star.
  • I hate to give you the idea my grandaughter used to receive an A, but i will share the concept, but you will have to formulate your own presentation: What neutralizes acid? Think about it and read a book on acids. its an amazing science project and it wowed her teachers. use your imagination!
  • Abundant info at : Good luck
  • Try looking here for some ideas.
  • i did one on how music affects one's blood pressure. our test subjects had their blood pressure taken, then they would listen to a song, and then their blood pressure would be recorded again. we did this a bunch of times for a variety of songs in different genres.
  • EROSION! xD Haha, it's fun. Just put a rock into the sink, and leave the tap on. Then record the results. Fun eh?
  • How does water pollution affect the height of plants?
  • build an electric car or an electric bike if your short on money
  • do something with "artificial intelligence" in the title.
  • Which foods cause the greatest growth of plaque on teeth?
  • the one about neutralizing acids, doesnt a base of some sort do that?

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