• As long as any other brush burns, a few days. I've had a few of those myself...
  • How in the world did you......Nope, never mind. I don't want to know! Put some neosporin on the burn until it's healed. If you are still worried about scarring, apply some vitamin E oil (available at most drug stores) which is supposed to help with scarring
  • i hate carpet burns.. i bet that hurt!
  • I got one yesterday while volunteering at the library. Me and a few other teen volunteers were actin stupid and I slid across the floor had carpet burn on my elbow and arm..its almost gone
  • so it only takes a fewish days to heal?
  • They don't normally scar because they're pretty superficial. It will heal fast on its on, but I'd put some Neosporin or similar product on it to speed up the process and prevent and possible scarring.
  • Anyone ever use SCAR ZONE before? I feel your pain man i also recently got a carpet burn the size of my thumb right next to my right eye. One of my friend recommended it over Neosporen. Does it really work better? I really hope it heals soon because it looks hiddeous I guess ill try it out.. and post up the duration time it took for the scar to heal
  • so buddy... how long did it take to heal? i got drunk a couple weeks ago, and i decided to do drunken push ups. next morning i have this carpet burn on my face... yeah... so how long does it take to heal? i have been using aloe..
  • it doesnt take a few days... its taking me weeks... =(
  • I had an insulin reaction this morning (which is very similar to being intoxicated) stood up, (so I'm told by my wife) and fell face-first right onto the floor. Carpet burns don't typically scar so I'm not especially worried about it. I look like Rocky without the swelling. My wife is happy to report that Mr. Floor is okay.

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