• A rule of thumb- not more than two shades darker or lighter. Either one looks unnatural. Maybe try a little darker with red highlights? Of course, I'm partial to red anyway... I have it naturally. :)
  • Vamp yourself red
  • I would probably go with a dark espresso brown color. What hair color will look good on you will also depend on what type of undertones you have. You can go to sites like loreal or clairol and do their find the perfect shade processes. If you're uneasy, you could also go to a salon for a consultation, and they will help you decide what color is good for you. Good luck!
  • I used to color my hair "Hibiscus" it is a redish color. Looks great on pale skin
  • Yes, I would go with an auburn, perhaps. Red tones. Redheads have a very pale complexion and it should suit you just fine.
  • I'm a VERY pale white girl myself and I have naturally very dark brown hair, and I think it looks fantastic (if I do say so myself!)
  • As a former red head my self, I would say cinnamon:
  • Well, heres my story. I have a VERY pale face just like you, but unlike you, i have naturally almost jet black hair. I ablsolutely hated it. It made me look gothic. Since I wasnt satisfied I dyed it lighter and now I have a medium brown color and I like it. MY opinion is that dark hair does not look good on a very pale face. If you still wanna go darker, I would try to get tanner, or put on a tan color foundation.
  • I also have medium brown hair and pale skin and am looking at going darker. Did you ever do this? How did it turn out for you?
  • I'm fair skinned (not pale), and have naturally dark/medium brown hair. I've tried black and was worried it would wash all the color out of my face. People said it looked great, though. You can try a dark red. Not that orange-y color, but more ruby. Or an auburn that would darken it just slightly. That should help keep the starkness that will come with black away.
  • if your white wit alott of freckles,red will be very cute. I also think sum low lights around dark brown to black well look good.
  • Just go with what you want. Be yourself.
  • Auburn red. Redheads are hot! IMHO.
  • maybe seeing its the first time go to a hairdresser, they usually can tell whats best for you

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