• little green peppers when I lived in China- who knows what they were called
  • a hot banana pepper
  • Some curry at an Indian restaurant.
  • A friend of mine told me his homemade salsa was "mild" because I hate spicy food. He actually gave me the wrong bowl and I hate his extra-hot salsa that he made. My eyes were watering, my nose was running and I felt like my throat had flames shooting through it. It was horrible. Of course, he thought it was hilarious!
  • i love spicy food and can generally handle it,,, i went to TGI fridays the other week and have a 'kickin chicken' was nice but bloody hell not a lot of foods manange to beat me i ate it all out stubbeness but have made a note not to order it again...
  • Raw habeneros. I had a craving and ate two whole habeneros. They were good going in, but I paid for it later.
  • a hot sauce called "razors edge" don't!!!!
  • i got dared to eat a raw chilli jesus it was HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!11
  • Code Red hot wing from a flaming joes bar and grill...they make you feel like your breathing fire afterwords...They even have a challange if you can eat 12 of them in 4 mins and wait 4 mins after before drinking anything you get your name and picture on the "wall of flames" and you get a firemans hat ha...I love watching people eat them for the first time, they look like they are about to cry :P
  • A salsa made with the hottest chili on earth, the Habanero..
  • Nandos extra hot spicy chicken thighs
  • The hottest thing in my opinion that I have tried are the hottest buffalo wings from Buffalo Wild Wings... though I have tried jalapeños, the orange ones are rather hot, it doesn't hit you at first but it does stick with you for a long long while.
  • There's this hot sauce, I forget the name but, it is 75% pure capsaicin. For those who don't know capsaicin is basically the essence of spiciness. The spicy scale, the Scoville scale, goes from 0 to 16,000,000, sixteen million being pure capsaicin and 0 being a bell pepper. Standard Pepper Spray is at about 3,000,000. I endured about a 10,000,000 on the scale. We were eating lunch and they slipped it into my sandwich when i wasn't looking. I ran around screaming towards a water fountain for about an hour. It is currently banned in my school.
  • Salma Hayek
  • Some chicken that was NOT supposed to be spicy; They messed up and gave me the spicy one.
  • Some chicken with a spicy coating I ordered the non-spicy one but they gave me spicy instead. It took me at least 30 minutes to get the spicy taste out of my mouth.
  • Hmm! Curry is pretty hot ( I'm not into it that much )
  • I had mistaken a fresh Trinidad Scorpion pepper for a Habanero. I put the whole thing on 2 slices of Pizza. Wow is an understatement. Me and my friend were feeling the heat for days. The article is not accurate in the case of me and my lady friend. No blistering, just prolonged super heat sensation. And be careful what you touch! : )
  • Hot Barbecue Sauce from a 50s Diner.
  • The actual hottest thing on Earth - the Naga chilli. Yep .Pretty brutal and couldn't taste anything for a long while after. But the money I got for doing it was well worth it.
  • Scary Spice, but that was before Eddie Murphy got to her.

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