• Going on a trip ?
  • Holland, pro's go for check up's constantly every couple of months. They believe that it is going to happen anyway so by making it legal they have to pay tax.
  • I don't have / can't find a complete list, but the number is actually quite high. I know that in my country (Australia) it is completely legal, and that in some parts of Europe and the USA it is also legal. I imagine it is legal because there is nothing criminal about having sex with people for money; it's just sex, and it's just money. If people want to do that then all power to them; no one has any right at all to try and interfere with two adults doing what they want with their bodies and money.
  • Its legal here in New Zealand and you only get a small fine for possesion of cannabis too ;)
  • In South Korea, it is legal provided that the sex workers has health certificates and they also pay taxes to the government
  • It's legal in Belgium, and the women are checked for diseases and such, and the buildings where they were are inspected on a regular basis. Also, they pay taxes from their earnings, like any other employee. They don't walk the streets. They sit in chairs in picture windows and look out on the street waiting for customers, then they have to go to back rooms. They aren't allowed to be naked when sitting in the windows, but they can wear lingerie. It's legal because it makes sense to regulate something that would happen anyways, to make sure everyone is safer.

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