• Yes we do.
  • I'm sure a sociopath realizes that they are "different" from normal people, in the sense that they do not comprehend normal emotional responses and connections. I would assume they don't understand why this is unless they recognize the signs through their own research or if someone tells them. The show "Dexter" is a pretty good insight into the life of a sociopath.
  • My ex boyfriend is a sociopath and his mother is a psychologist and tells all the other family members that he is. He steals, he lies, he cheats, and he is so charming. His emotions usually come from frustration in that people don't see things "his way". He claims he is going to "rule the world" someday through his music and through madProper and thinks he is some God. The crazy thing, is that I miss him and still love him.
  • I think some do and some don't. It depends on whether this person lies to themselves or not. See, if they are a total sociopath, like Charles Manson then they don't care, and they'll admit that they don't care. If they're a partial sociopath, like Jeremie O'Connor... then they'll like to themselves over and over again until they BELIEVE that they are the victim and not the perpetrator. This kind of person can be more dangerous, because they'll always appear to change until everything settles down and they reassert their behavior regardless of the expense to others. Then, they'll make up a story to their liking and tell it over and over and over again, until other people come to believe it as the truth.

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