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  • Just laughed :) There's no big deal behind it. It's just a flaw in long term memory storage. It does have a proper name. Retrograde something... :D But I don't remember. Oh the irony.
  • I'll be furious, thats not cool. I'll be fucking pissed off.
  • I'd punch him. Seriously.
  • It hasn't happened to me and I haven't done it with an ex's name or anything. I usually call one friend by another friend's name, they understand...since all their names begin with a "sh..". I think that since you say it is a recent ex, it should be forgiven the first time, or second time, but once it hits three times, then you can go crazy. I say this because from calling my friend another friend's name I can say that it's not necessarily because I was thinking about that other person, it's sort of a routine..
  • I wouldn't be angry or offended but it would be time for a conversation, mostly to see if they really want to be with me or the ex.
  • Well... his only ex is over 10 years ago now, and his feelings when he does think about her her tend still to be very negative because of the way she dumped him. So if he calls me something else, I assume it's just a mis-speak the way parents sometimes call their kids the wrong name. I know that won't be the case with many/most of these answers, but I don't share, and the good thing about it is I don't have to.
  • My husband of 1 year and bf of 4 just recently called me his ex's name. This woman is a pain in my side. She has given me hell from the start of our relationship. They were married for 14 years and after they broke up HE came running to me (he is friends with my brother-in-law). His ex's believes I the reason that they got a divorce. My husband is in the middle of all this, of course, and he does nothing because he doesn't want to "rock the BOAT". Well in turn I raise their son and they fight about who loves him the most. Then to top everything else off he calls me his ex's name not once, not twice, but now three times and I think I might have had enough. Oh, buy the way she has physically attacked me and my property. So yeah, I think that getting mad at a little name call is sufficent.

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