• It is pretty much a for kids amusement park called Tinkertown. Favorite attraction is watch the children have a great day. No just daily entry fee.
  • Kings Island. I live about a mile away. It's a huge theme park with lots of roller coasters and my kids are too small for that but they have a wonderful water park attached and we spend our summers there. Yes, we have a season pass.
  • Six Flags over Georgia The Great American Scream Machine No to the season passes.
  • We have Six Flags over Ga, Carowinds (NC), and coming this may there will be a Hard Rock Theme park here in SC, all are about tha same distance from where I live.
  • Six Flags Great Adventure Sesame Place and Dorney Park and no I don't have passes to eithert.
  • We have only children's amusement parks here, Miniature golf and two water parks. We have to drive 100 miles to the nearest major park, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. One year, I did buy seasons passes, when my Grandsons were smaller, but it ended up being too much hassle and expensive, with the food prices so high.
  • Six Flags "Laronde" ... I have not been there in over 11 years ... my favourite was one of the water slides, but they are all gone now ... there have been many newly constructed rides that I have not seen or tried ... maybe this summer I'll go again and try them all.
  • Opera Land honestly only went once and I really enjoyed the entertainment the rides were too long of lines to stand in.
  • Orlando. We have annual passes to Universal, Busch Gardens, Sea World and Cypress Gardens.
  • I guess the closest would be either Disneyland or Knott's Berry Farm...both are about 6 hours away. I haven't been to either since I was a child (I think 11 YO) and I do not recall my favorite part. I want to, one day, take my girls to Dollywood and by car, that would take a little over a day to get to...

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