• I do know about Aspergers and I know someone who claims to have it! There is a lack of social awareness in people who have Aspergers - where did you read about Bill Gates?
  • Yes, I do. Me and some family members. My biggest problem is lousy social skills. I cannot recognize social cues and social interaction is a mystery to me. I have not heard this about Gates. It wouldn't matter. Most of us learn to 'deal' with it over the years, by memorization or being OK with being alone. Gates has learned to deal well with whatever he may have been challenged by.
  • Two close friends have it. Both very bright and talented. Didn't know Bill Gates had it though.
  • My brother.
  • I have it. And, my IQ is just fine. It's my social IQ that's lacking.
  • Yes, my son has it and he has ADHD, to go with it. Each day is a whole new challenge, but we get through it.He's a VERY smart kid, he just has some social issues to deal with, for the most part.
  • I have a friend who has it. Hes really sharp, very social and talkative. If anything, somethings right with him not wrong with him. He has a moderate case of it, but the negative effects dont show much from my outside point of view.
  • I work as a social worker for a 10 year old child that has it. Hes very bright, very funny, and genuinly fun to be around.
  • Asperger's Syndrome is a social disorder. Some people like to lump all mental illnesses together. Of course I know that Bill Gates may have AS. I make it a point to know about famous people who have it, considering that I have it as well. It makes me feel less alone.
  • Yes, many of my clients have it. Aspergers is NOT just a high functioning form of autism. It does fall in the autism spectrum but it's NOT the same.
  • My son and I have it. So do my grandfather, my uncle and my mother (although they have not been officially diagnosed). For my mom to have it is more rare, because it's not as common in girls, but it does happen.
  • yes my 5 year old brother was diagnoised a year ago. he is extremely smart but we worry how he will function when starts kindergarden.
  • My boyfriend has AS. I remember I was new to the school (year 11) and was hanging out with a group. But I never really noticed him until one day he was really angry and seemed distant from the group more than usual. I went to talk to him and asked him wha was wrong, he just shook his head and told me it was nothing. From that point on I was very interested in him. I found one day when I had an afternoon detention, he did to and we were stuck together. I was shocked to see him there as I knew he was a great student. But it was for English (which I now know he really struggles with due to his lack of imagination and being abel to express it) so we talked about things and found we had a fair but in common. About a week later, I asked him out. I had found out from a friend that he was slightly interested in me but didn't know what to do. About a month later we had our first kiss (which I had to make the move). I learnt very quickly how to deal with him, but even now I am still learning. We are almost 9 months into our relationship and he's opened up with me more than he has with anyone else. We love each other so much. He also thinks that the reason him and I get along so well is because he suspects I have AS as well. He might be right, but I don't really care as long as I can continue to understand and learn more about him. If anyone with AS or anyone who would know can tell me about how people with AS deal with emotions and things along the line, e-mail me at
  • Yes, me. Also, I have a brother who shows many of the traits (but not as many as me) and another who has a few traits. I think my late father was Aspie, as was one of his brothers, and my mum also shows some traits. I've also been very fortunate to meet some great aspie people locally in the past few years. Bill Gates might have the condition but until he has an official diagnosis, I wouldn't be sure. I don't believe it is right to call autism a mental illness - it is a neurological condition but it is true that people with autism often develop mental illnesses such as clinical depression; maybe as the result of continued rejections and bullying in early life.
  • A couple of months ago, I knew almost nothing about Asperger's. Now, I have become quite close to a family where the 2 boys have it; the girl doesn't, which is tends to be less common in girls (3 or 4 boys for every 1 girl). The older boy is struggling with being in a mainstream sister, a teacher in another city, says 'Aspie' kids can be hard to manage. My friend's older son has issues with staying focused enough to finish his tasks, stimming (over-stimulation due to sensory overload resulting in needing to "ground" or soothe himself via hand flapping, squeaking, screeching & noises) and a very high, sometimes uncontrollable, energy level; and problems with his social skills of empathy, sharing, and memorization fixation/literality. The younger boy, when he was just shy of 3, was accepted into a specialized program in the school system for very young kids on the autism spectrum, and hopefully his earlier work within the school will help him avoid some of the difficulties experienced by his older brother. I have also recently met another, older family, who has seen all of this before. The deceased father, some of the uncles, several of her kids, especially her youngest, who she still cares for and lives with, in his 30's, are all somewhere on the autism spectrum; I also wonder about the mother, though it may be that her social skills are rather unrefined since she was around all of these folks. They say that the autism disorders run in families. My other friend, the younger mother, described how each individual is like a grab into a bowl of mixed jelly never know which combination you are going to get, and each is different...I guess that's true for everyone. PS: Did you know that April is Autism Awareness month? Besides Bill Gates, some other people that may have been autistic somehow: possibly Einstein, Da Vinci, Jane Austen and Emily Dickinson
  • A former colleague has it.
  • Yes, me. Yes, and there are many other great minds in history that are suspected of having had either AS or HFA; Newton, Tesla, Einstein....
  • There is this kid I know who was diagnosed with this. I've known him since I was born. Ya know why? The kid that I know who was diagnosed with this syndrome is ME!
  • I have it.*
  • I have Asperger's. Asperger's is a hidden disability and not everyone fully understands the condition. People who have Asperger's are not being 'naughty' or trying to 'annoy' it is their condition and having Asperger's is NO ONE'S FAULT. . Positive points People with Asperger's can excel at subjects and interests like for instance pop music, medical facts, computers, knowing every name for cars, have an excellent and photographic memory,actors/actresses, mathematics, dates, facts etc and some can even have a university degree, ECDL certificate, other qualification etc. Some even go to college/university/even have a job/career. . Negative points People with Asperger's can have difficulty reading social cues, how to socialise correctly and they also have difficulty reading body language, facial expressions, spatial awareness (which is about personal space, whether it's ok/not ok to come close to and ok/not ok to touch someone) and with tone of voice, they cannot always tell whether someone is angry/upset/sad/surprised/busy/not interested etc. The best and helpful way is to teach them social and body language skills and personal space and touching, knowing when it's ok/not ok to come close to someone and to touch someone and teaching them that not everyone is comfortable with close contact and touches. They can also be naive, gullible and too trusting which can make people with Asperger's very easy meat for bullying, intimidation and harassment and teach them that some people can be very subtle e.g. someone pretends to be their 'friend' e.g. being two-faced which means the person is gentle to their face but they can be nasty about the person and gossip/slag the person behind the person's back and/or when the person isn't there. Tell them that bullying isn't just hitting/kicking and punching things like spreading gossip, telling lies, being shouted at, being unfriendly being two faced, going behind backs, betraying, bossing around, name-calling, unkind comments, intrusive personal questions, invading privacy, leaving out, shunning, ignoring, making them uneasy, making them feel small and ashamed, making them do things they don't want to do etc are ALSO BULLYING! Tell them never to keep bullying/harassment secret, but to report it, and remember reporting bullying/harassment isn't telling tales, it is being smart and doing the right thing.
  • My boyfriend's younger brother has it. He's very quiet and to himself... doesn't look at you, doesn't start conversations and gives one-word, closed-ended answers. I talk to him every now and then, but try not to bother him too much since social interaction seems to make him very nervous. *****To those who have Asperger's... is that best?***** My boyfriend exhibits some traits too, but probably doesn't have it or else it's very mild.
  • My brother has Asperger's Syndrome, is 22 and has an internship at NASA, and is doing so well! I am so proud of him!!
  • Yes, myself.
  • I know someone who has it: yours sincerely. I was about to ask how come you were interested in Asperger syndrome; from the comments you made, and your profile, you teach students with it. Very well, then; Hello, Liliana, and how are you doing today?
  • I have it myself to a mild degree. +5

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