• Dragons Den... You (teacher) instruct one person to enter the center of a circle of kids (sitting) in the middle is a set of keys. Meanwhile one kid is outside (blindfolded) after the child to get the keys is selected the blindfolded child is returned to the circle. Now the selected child walks into the center of the circle picks up the bunch of keys and walks around the outside of the circle all the time trying not to get caught by the blindfolded member. The blindfolded child's job is to tag the key bearer as they walk past. Mr Wolf? the game where one child turns around to the group. The groups job is to advance between a line about 3meters from the 'WOLF' without being seen as they turn around if any of the group are moving they are deemed 'out' hope these help! if you require more leave a comment on this page i will check back soon!
  • There are so many great ideas for Drama fun with youth! Here are a few... MYSTERY BAG Blindfold children and have them use their senses to identify objects. Touch: feather, balloon, shell, sandpaper, fur, money. Smell: coffee, perfume, onion. Taste: raisins, cornflakes, coconut, crackers, marshmallows, chocolate 1......A simple phrase- Said 3 or 4 different ways. Example: "Open the door." Or “Hello” and a name. 2......Carry on a "conversation" with another person using only that person's name. See the range of meaning you can communicate through voice inflection, facial expression and gestures. 3......In a pair or group-shake hands quickly, slowly, gently, angrily, sadly, tenderly. 4......Make your hands take on different characteristics: nervous, greedy, flabby, magic, fierce, gentle, strong, frightened, etc. 5......Masks: Make or purchase; wear in a skit, scene or play. 6......Puppets/Puppet show: Make or purchase puppets; write, produce, practice, perform. 7......Perform a one act scene from: Section of chapter book, a well known story book, poems such as those by Shel Silverstein and Bruce Lansky; other club members become audience for rehearsals. 8....Pantomime/Acting out a song-- such as the Song Sisters’ Alligator song. 9.....Play artists and blobs. The artist forms his partner into some kind of statue. The blob relaxes as much as possible until the statue is formed, then tries to hold that pose. Some individual, pair and group PANTOMIME IDEAS are suggested below. 1...Struggling to pull-down a bed. 2...Try to open a window to a fire escape. 3...Attempt to open a stuck door. 4...Opening a birthday present that they've always wanted. 5...Eating a bowl full of something really disgusting. 6...A monkey eating a banana. 7...Imitate the actions involved in everyday activities: mowing the lawn, making a bed, moving the trash can, sweeping the floor, digging the garden, etc. 8...Buying shoes, hats, food or a car. 9...Putting on a pair of shoes (ballerina-fireman, then acting out the character. For more great Drama ideas for school-agers visit:
  • This website is dedicated totally to drama games it looks relitively new but theres about 50 odd games on there. Heres the sites description is a free online educational resource, dedicated to drama games and theatre based games and exercises designed to develop skills used in performing arts aimed at teachers There are about 50 games on there at the minute but it looks pretty new & encourages people to add more
  • Here are some examples of mystery games for youngsters, role-playing games with a detective element:

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