• They recieve a short plug by Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet: "Miller! Fu** Miller! PABST BLUE RIBBON!"
  • a steamship captain and son-in-law of Phillip Best, bought a share in Best and Company, by which time the brewery was already selling a lager which they began bottling in 1875 under the name Best Select. Best Select became a popular beer, which the by now named Phillip Best Brewing Company entered in competitions, gaining several awards - sometimes winning against its rival Budweiser. So in 1882 the company started selling the beer with a blue ribbon tied around the neck to signify it was an award winning beer.
  • Miteb is largely right (and you can get that info off Wikipedia), but the specific "America's Best" contest they won that started the Blue Ribbon tradition was at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. This fact is also mentioned in the book The Devil and the White City, which centers on the Exposition.
  • I don't know but I do know the grandson still owes me for a weeks wages when I worked for him in Grand Junction, Co. when his business went bankrupt. He has owed me since 1987. Do you think I will ever get that weeks pay?

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