• I use a bookmark. It's easier to find my place.
  • no, i don't support book abuse. poor books! what's so hard with folding a sheet of paper in half and sticking it in there or just finishing a chapter and remembering to start from there?
  • I fold the corner down b/c I'm too lazy to use a bookmark. Besides, I lose them. Where they go, I haven't a clue!
  • I never, ever bend the corners down - that's sacrilege! I either use a bookmark, or just remember the page number using mnenomics.
  • Book mark. I don't really like folding the pages because I prefer to keep the book how it is.
  • I use a bookmark for two reasons. It's easier to find my place and I don't end up with a shabby looking book.
  • I would never, ever, ever ... fold a corner of a book page. Makes me feel very protective of books everywhere just to hear it as an option. LOL!!! I usually use a bookmark .. or .. since I often have several books going at one time .. blank 4x6 cards. They do double duty then, as I can make quick notes on it if I want or make a list of pages I want to copy. Can't stand destruction or marring of books. So no ripping - no folding. I treat it with respect as I would a new or old friend. And use my bookmark or card to mark my place.
  • I know I'm committing blasphemy, but if there's a page I want to go back to alter, I'll dog ear the covers. I take it as a sign that it's mine. I suppose I could use post it arrows, but think how odd that would look!

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