• Definetley the theme park ( I LOVE THE MERRY GO ROUND!!!!!) but surprisingly the one in Fla. BECAUSE it has Epcot Centre which was phenominal!!!!!! lol ( WOW HYPER ME!!!!!!) I'm a kid at hear.. so I love the older style rides that I remeber from my childhood, and as for cruise... nah... "i'd feel trapped LOL
  • I would go with the Theme Park. I don't really like Cruises. There not my thing.
  • I've done the theme park (world) several times as a child many years ago, and then once as an adult with my own children about 4years ago.. would love to try the cruise line now.. if they would only lower their rates..
  • Disney Channel. Gotta love Hannah Montana!!!
  • If forced I would take a grandchild or an orphan to Disney Theme Park. Otherwise, UGH!
  • Been on 2 cruises so i wanna go to the theme park! Hey we are all big kids sometimes :) And i never went there when i was young, so i wanna catch up with lost time lol.
  • With all the terroism and threats of terroism in the world, the last place on earth to be would be on a cruise ship in the middle of nowhere. Imagine what one well-placed explosive would do to a cruise ship, loaded with tourists. There would be only one place to go and thats to the bottom of the ocean. Not to mention the sharks, if you survived the blast. No cruise ship here. I'll just take my chances on the land and a visit to the Disney Theme Park.
  • No preference as long as you are buying! lol
  • I have done both and my preference right now is the cruise but that is only because I so close to Disneyworld that it could be a weekly trip. I've done 4 Disney cruises and I just love it when someone else, drives, cooks and cleans for me. The parks at WDW--those can be work.
  • The cruise to the Bahama's, with out a doubt, It was a blast, and I went with all adults, LOL.
  • Theme park. I think I would gain 25 lbs on a cruise. At least at the theme park I would be walking.
  • I would definately go with the cruise...they have different things to do for different age groups of kids...they have the oceanere's club for kids younger than thirteen and the teen club for any teens...they also have a nursery on board incase you have a really young one... This way, your kids can have a lot of fun while you and your husband get your grove on :) My family will be going on the disney cruise this week and my kids are so excited...we've been on the cruise once before and they loved it and can't wait to go back...hope this helped
  • Both!!
  • Sounds like less lines on the Cruise. I'll take that one.
  • I have absolutely no desire what-so-ever to go on an ocean cruise. I hate the wind, I don't eat that much, I have severe motion sickness, and it sounds like a very dull idea. I love Disney Theme Parks. I could go there every day and not get tired of it.

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