• Habit. I've been using Windows since I learned how to use the computer.
  • The ease of use and level of stability it offers. I'm not a high-level programmer or a gamer, so my needs are pretty simple, which is why I use a Mac.
  • well i stay with windows because it's what i know. Its what is on on the work computers so i take that and use it at home as well. I wouldn't mind getting a Mac one day
  • I really don't have anything against Windows, but it never was the most avant-garde OS to choose from, just the most prevalent. I only stay with it because my clients use it and I need to know it. Plus, I've amassed a large collection of Windows software. But I love what the Ubuntu project has done to make Linux more palatable. If cost of ownership is the bottom line and you haven't amassed a huge Windows software collection, Ubuntu is number one on my 'you should try this' list. I only gave the Mac OS a try as of last summer, but I like what I see. Anyone with any Linux experience is going to see a lot of familiar things. But even a Windows junkie will be able to adapt in no time. At least - I did.
  • I use the OS that runs everything I need it to run. Currently, that's Windows XP.
  • Versatility. These days I'm using Android and some custom OSes
  • Windows...
  • cause i like it
  • I taught in computer labs on both Mac and PC platforms. Mac used to be a far easier platform to work with, now it is only a little easier but my investment in software keeps me with my Mac.
  • I khow to use Android, BeOS, Unix and others too. What makes people stay with one is how much work and application they have in each. Most work offices in the world use Windows. Hence most people will know how to use a Windows system.
  • I have stayed with Windows for it's ease of use with programs that won't/don't work with Linux based systems. One example is PdaNet+ which I use for a tethered internet connection. 11.19.2018

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