• It does make me want to shake someone when they do that. The sad part about sites like this is you will receive all kinds of answers. It is hard to ignore those who want to be rude and unhelpful but with the bad we can also find pretty good answers that are helpful.
  • I think it's kind of funny. I especially like it when they post a link to wikipedia explaining how such things are inaccurate.
  • It all adds to the fun especially when they get hot under the collar!
  • It happens. I've encountered several "answers" that didn't actually answer the question, but just attacked the user. Worse, they were even uprated by the other members, saying the answers were "humorous." Really? That would be okay if we were the only users of the Internet. But obviously, we are not. I hate to say this, but while googling something on the Net, I've seen better answers given on Yahoo Answers and WikiAnswers. That's why I always say that I'm here on AB for the fun. If you wanna look for good answers, I don't think AB is the place for you (generally). I know this would not be a popular answer. But I'm not here to be popular.
  • and people wonder why they get trolls
  • I find that some people are phony/brave. I have a real hard time believing they would be so annoying to my face. I guess it's easier to "drive by" with an insult, and then run like a pussy.
  • First of all your question is entirely inaccurate. Also grass is blue and the sky is green and if you don't believe me then you are a judgemental, racist homophobe and I can provide a link to wiki to prove it!

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