• Ask her ''what up yo...''
  • I'd be a little concenred. Perhaps you should confront him/her as to why.
  • I'd ask what their motivation is. What exactly are they trying to attract, other than a divorce?
  • first of all i would be REALLY pissed......then i would feel really really hurt~ i would definitely ask for an explanation but i don't think anything offered would be acceptable; but @ least that could be the start of the communication process.....because bottom line for me, would be to find out if his actions directly reflected how he felt about me and our relationship~ if so......he'd have to go; i'm sorry if this is something that you're having to face and for the hurt you must feel.....chin up~ you deserve to be treated with love and respect! hang in there :)
  • Unfortunately it's pretty obvious what they're up to. No getting around this one with excuses like "my finger hurt". (hopefully they didn't try to pull *that* one on ya) Whether its cheating or just flirting around, they're looking for trouble. Pretty unfortunate this happens even after marriage but it happens -_-. -hugs- you have my sympathy my friend.
  • I would do the same thing I did to my first husband and super glue it to his finger. Just waited till he passed out after drinking one night..Bam!! It won't be coming off any time soon.
  • Go with them
  • See video.
  • I would think they were trying to look available and I could no longer trust them. Once trust is gone it is very hard to ever get it back.
  • Not a lot, I never wear mine anyway.
  • We don't wear rings. We don't see them as necessary. Weather or not my husband wears a ring he is still married to me. Weather he is wearing the ring and cheating or not it doesn't matter- he is still cheating. We trust each other enough to stick to the rules of our relationship.
  • I would cry a lot.
  • be very hurt and upset i would find it hard to trust him - especially if he would normally wear it!
  • I would be very upset, my fiance works with his hands alot at work, he says the only time he would ever take off his wedding band is when he is at work but whenever he is not working, he will be wearing it at all the times, I am very ok with it, it is understandable, it can be damaged. but otherwise, I would have been upset. I would have taken it off if he does just to show him how he feels!.
  • Shove it up into his sinus cavity
  • I would think the following Wasn't ready for marriage Was very insecure about his/her desirability Was preparing to be unfaithful What I would do is confront directly and get out of the marriage immediately..this bodes ill for is like a piece of fine porcelain..if broken, the value is amount of repair will make it whole again! :(
  • That would make me very uncomfortable. I would think the only reason he'd do that would be to meet other women under the pretense of him being single. I would lose trust, that's for sure. As far as what else would happen, there would definitely be a confrontation, and I can't imagine wanting to continue a marriage with someone that isn't on the same page as far as maturity and commitment go.
  • Honestly I would care less. If I loved and trusted my wife (if I had one) it would not bother me in the least that she didn't wear her ring. I have known many men and a few women ho proudly wore their wedding ring all the time but were the biggest manwhores or sluts on the face of the earth. Whether or not someone wears a stupid piece of jewelery is not going to stop them from cheating if that is what they have on their mind.
  • Go to the same bar and hit on her! Heh!
  • Be prepared for pain.
  • I would come to the realization I made a mistake and married the wrong person.
  • My husband and I both rarely wear our rings,and when we did,it was no guarantee that you wouldn't get hit on.Specifically taking it off before you go to a club does sound suspicious.
  • First I would be surprised that he wasn't the man I believed him to be and trusted. Then we'd have a long talk about his intentions. Finally, there would need to be some discussion about whether anything had already happened, and if it were time to take both rings off.

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