• Not possible. Unless you have had artificial insemination or intercourse, you cannot be pregnant (barring divine intervention). Relax, lighten up--it simply is not medically possible.
  • Pregnancy can only occur when sperm enters into the vagina and the uterus, and finds an egg to fertilise. Anything that allows sperm into your vagina can get you pregnant. Fingers, lips or tongues (or any other objects) that have semen on them, if brought into contact with the vulva or vagina, have the potential to allow sperm to enter your reproductive system. So yes, you can get pregnant without penetrating intercourse (penis in vagina, ejaculating in vagina). If a man ejaculates outside and his semen comes into contact with the vagina or vulva, then it still poses a risk. For you to become pregnant, the sperm would have had to have come into direct contact with your vulva or vaginal entrance. If you sat 'near' a spot where semen was left, then there is probably not a very good chance of that making you pregnant. If there was a fresh puddle of the stuff and you sat down so that your vulva was right on it, then there may be a chance that some managed to enter into your vagina. There are many other factors: if he came on fabric, then the fabric would have absorbed some to all of it. If you were wearing clothes, then they would have been an extra barrier. Like I said, unless you sat naked on a fresh puddle of his semen, and let it get onto your vulva or into your vagina, then the chance of you being pregnant from this one incident is very remote. However, unless you are on the pill, I would recommend being very cautious with sexual activity. All it takes is one sperm to meet an egg and you will be pregnant.
  • Maybe you need to stay away from sex if you don't know the answer to this kind of question.
  • Highly unlikely. Toilet seats don't count either. Now, having sex over underwear is still risky. Use protection.
  • I assume this is a bogus post but if not, absolutely not - no way.
  • jesus's mother managed to do that

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