• To be able to continue a relationship without holding someone's actions against them. +5
  • To no longer hold any negative feeling about what they did and to not use this as leverage against them in the future.Also, to forget the incident and act towards them as you would normaly before the inicdent.
  • When you forgive someone, you have allowed them to forego suffering the full consequences of their wrongful act.
  • it means to acknowledge that what they did was wrong but that everyone makes mistakes and it is not worth it to yourself or them to harbour bad feelings when instead you could both work towards understanding why they did what they did and working to correct it.
  • To no longer hold a grudge.
  • To let go of your anger and feelings of malcontent towards them, even if they don't ask for forgiveness. And you release all those negative feelings so they don't control you anymore. You forgive mostly for yourself, not them. You can forgive someone who has died or who you will never see again. You just let go of the bad feelings, the negative energy robbing you of your strength and take back control of your life.
  • Don't hold it against them but bend over a second time and hope your not screwed again. Seriously.. it means do not take revenge in action and be at peace with them in your heart.

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