• Plain and simply...NO!
  • No way, Jose! BAD!!!
  • That depends a lot upon your relationship with that ex-spouse. I am on good enough terms and have enough confidence in my ex-wife that I would loan her money if she needed it. In fact, my wife has a credit card that is being reported to the credit reporting agencies as a joint account, even though I no longer use it. I have full confidence that she won't damage our credit scores. Unique results. Your mileage may vary. Void where Prohibited.
  • Hells no. Unless the two of them are REAL good friends.
  • I don't lend money. If for some reason I feel that I should I don't expect to get it back. It doesn't matter if that person is my ex or not.
  • Depending on how much and what for, I wouldn't call it a loan. If he/she doesn't abuse this favor, like asking for money often, I would simply say, "Here. I don't want it back." If they're just using you, tell them in no uncertain terms to "Get lost!"
  • It depends on what type of relationship you have with them. I have an ex that I am still good friends with, and I would have no problem lending money to him. And then there are others who I wouldn't lend a cup of sugar to.
  • No No way Never Never ever When hell freezes over Ummm....did I say no? Oh yes I did. Well no, never.
  • I would give the ex money, but not lend the ex money.
  • depends on how much. i'd prolly just hand him a 20 and say get the hell away from me, so it technically wouldn't be lend if i didn't wanna hav to see them again
  • It depends on the character and honorable nature of each of you..the borrower and the lender. I think it is fine..if you are friends..but only if you are truly, really and honestly friends! :)
  • My nephew lent his ex-wife thousands and could not get her to pay back. I would say usually not a good idea, unless you get a payment plan in writing.
  • It depends on the person, really, and what the loan is for. Typically, I'd suggest that my exes take out a loan at a credit union or a bank they have a relationship with or even put things on a credit card. If they've been turned down by banks, family and friends before me, there's typically a good reason. If they NEED the money, I'd consider it if I could have something else for collateral. That may sound not-so-nice, but I expect those I end up in relationships with to be responsible.
  • I only lend money to people who have jobs - most of my ex's don't have jobs so my answer is NO
  • Only if you LOVE giving money away and pretending like you're going to get it back some day.
  • Only if it's for a one way bus ticket away from you.
  • Only if you don't want it back...
  • SURE, but never expect it to be returned. Lend is not a valid word to an ex.
  • I think it depends on the relationship you have with your ex. If the only reason you are lending money with your ex is you have secret hopes of getting them back, it is a bad idea. When you lend money, it is wise to not ever really expect it back.
  • An Obvious 'NO'. There are possibly some reasons why the person is your Ex and not a partner in present times. Don't be emotional and lend money. The chances are quiet high that you cannot claim the borrowed money back.
  • I'd lend my ex money, if he ever needed it. We're still friends, and I have the utmost respect for him.
  • Not sure how the 24th letter of the alphabet would spend it
  • thats up to the person, i probably wouldnt
  • Absolutely not. Banks make a living off the interest paid to them for loaning money to people so if they won't loan money to somebody, there's a very good reason. And in regards to bfs and gfs never, never, NEVER co-sign for their loan.

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