• I think you just answered your own question ther Cap'n Jack :)
  • dont assume that just because someone has piercings they need attention. i havesome and its to decorate my body , notto get your attention/
  • I think they're bored. They want to think they're doing something unique but when 10,000 others are doing it too they really aren't.
  • Excessive tattoos and piercings are like billboards used to advertise products. They want the recognition, but when they give the as you put it: "what are you looking at" expression. They may have carried it farther than they originally intended. Instead of getting the stares of admiration, they end up getting stares of astonishment.
  • They want to be unique, and look like just like everyone else. LOL.
  • To fit in and stand out at the same time.
  • they want to be able to say "what are you looking at?" to people.
  • people really should be more sensitive to judging people for the things they do in life without the knowledge why they made the choices they did...i personally dont care for tattoos, but i have 3 of them,,,2 i have to cover up nasty scars, i figured tattoos were easier for people to look at than the scars i had. The 3rd tattoo i have is because my son is a tattoo artist and i didnt figure i was much of a mother or a support system if i didn't let him give me at least 1 tattoo.
  • Isn't there a sociologist or psychologist out there that would have an "educational" answer to this question? I believe that all these "modifications" to ones body are manifesting a need to "fit in". People are out there with tatoo slogans on their cars with the same reasoning in mind. It's a very simple thing to do to gain acceptance from their subculture. It also seems to belong to the same group as those who enjoy self-mutilation.
  • Lol! I just asked a similar question. Yes it is for the attention and to 'belong'
  • Who are you to judge what I have and what I do with my body? I'm not perfect, and I don't try to be. I like piercing and implants because it makes me feel better about myself. Obviously, you've never been flat-chested, so don't judge unless you've been in our shoes. And it's not outlandish when you get a tattoo, piercing, or plastic surgery. Most people have them for their own personal reasons, not to get attention.
  • well it is in some cases to get attention so that they feel like they have aomplished some thing or to be in the center of attention but some times its becouse they want to be diffrent and want to stand out but after a while they end up hating what they have done thats when you start to get the What You Looking At look
  • Perhaps what they really want is the confrontation. In other words, they may want the attention specifically for the purpose of rejecting it.

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