• (cont.) by grabbing their horns and pulling on their tails.
  • Cos they're fun to watch! And it's what the cow-boys did in them there olden day!!!!!!!!!
  • A little ropes are ever placed around the animals 'privates'. It's called a flank strap and it incircles their bellies around the flank area, which when that area is touched the animal's natural instict is to buck (as that is where predatory animals can easily grab and take them down by). Some horses are so sensitive in this area that they will buck if you so much as touch this area (it's not painful for them in the least, just an instictual reaction...much like jerking away from a tickle). I don't personally care for most rodeo sports, I think they are are mainly a macho thing, but no animals are harmed...much care is given to their well being. Not all of it involves broncs, bulls and calf tying. Barrel racing and cutting are also popular and something the horses LOVE to do.
  • A couple of PETA people showed up to protest the rodeo a few years ago. Because the first amendment applies animal rights activists, we have to let them pass out their literature at the entrance gate. Again, these PETA people were wearing leather shoes, belts and had leather purses. They arrived in a car that had leather interior. We also caught them eating hamburgers. So here we have animal rights activists protesting that rodeo is cruel to animals while wearing leather apparel and eating hamburgers. Again go figure... PETA individuals stated that leather straps are tied around the bull's genitals in order to make the bull buck. Anyone who could attempt to tie leather straps around a bull's genitals has about a 99% chance of getting killed. No one in their right mind would ever, ever touch a bull's genitals. Furthermore, leather straps would not make a bull buck. It would make the bull furious, which would cause the bull to attack whoever was making him furious. Only an animal rights activists could make this claim.
  • I don't like rodeos because I think it is unfair. The humans cheat; the animals are impaired and can't defend themselves. It would be more interesting if they didn't abuse the animals first! That would be a show of greater strength... taking down a bull with no automatic advantage. Plus, there would be lots of impaled cowboys - thats' fun too.
  • I dont know how anyone with a concience could enjoy watching.
  • Don't know much about rodeos do you! I bet you feel the same about bull fights but again you don't know anything about them either do you. Please don't go shooting off your mouth until you know the true facts.

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