• Unless he has HIV/AIDS or other diseases that affect semen and/or blood, I think you are safe to gulp away. I have heard that it's a great alternative to a cosmetic facial and it's free! Enjoy!!
  • Sure it is...all it is, is protein. Think of it like muscle milk.
  • my boyfriend is really concerned about my safety and he wants me to do that... so i think you safe
  • unles u like how it tastes u can swallow his cum every time u have sexual intercorse
  • Depended on the amount...Some women get their stomach pump if they swallow to much, it can settle in their stomach...other than that I think it is fine...It doesnt sound very appealing though, on the other hand I dont really know.
  • Semen Therapy Fights Cancer: TGFbeta (transforming growth factor beta), one of the key molecules in semen, can increase the number and activity of "natural killer" cells which are important in recognising and killing aberrant cells that give rise to tumours." " Semen is an even more powerful organic anti-depressant. Semen, apparently, contains a wide-rage of psychoactive chemicals: * Arginine: an amino acid believed to increase blood flow and blunt pain * Tyrosine: a chemical that gets converted into adrenaline * Dopamine: the much-publicized happy drug * Beta-endorphins: a painkiller that lowers anxiety And, oddly: * Estrogen and Oxytocin: two "female" hormones linked respectively with happiness and pair bonding." It may be that Semen is the secret ingredient Alchemists were always on about.
  • Yes, unless he's got the bug. If he's got the bug, and you got the bug then it wont make any difference.
  • Yes, it is tasty too. The problem is there isn't enough of it. I love my husband's semen. I have it for breakfast and dinner every day. I wish I could save some for after lunch desert. I LLLLLLLLLLLoOOOOOOve it!!
  • it is healthy in a comitted relationship to mantain full acceptance of your partner. Though it might be a big step to get over, sexual body fluids generate biological endorphins and aphrodesiacs. Enjoy!!!
  • Of course it is healthy – it’s Natural
  • As long as he has no diseases and you like the taste then it is perfectly healthy!
  • i really enjoy consuming a daily portion of cum to kick start the morning and to get an extra boost during strenuous workouts. Just add two teaspoons of cum to 35 ml of water...shake...and enjoy. My third serving is just becasue i love it so much! P.S. i have the bug ahhhhh
  • one protein milkshake coming right up. :p
  • i absolutly love to swallow my boyfriends cum! i wish he would feed it to me every day but he likes to cum in my vagina more,and is slightly offended that i want so badly to drink it out of his penis....he thinks i dont enjpy sex,but i do! i just love drinking from his penis and i love the taste,i really wish he enjoyed feeding it to me more :(
  • its very healthy and i wish i cud just drink and drink it right out of my bf's penis but he likes to cum in my vagina :(
  • it is very healthy. as the semen contains 97% of protein and others are minerals and vitamins. ladies can swallow it or apply on face for better cosmetic treatment. to get the real benefits the man should drink daily a protein shake to reach up to 2 grams /per body weight in kilo. to gain the good protein and not the bad protein which is fullk of cholestrol. ladies should swallow at least 4 times per week for 6 months to gain the benefits.
  • It certainly won't do you any harm. It is just protein. I've had some girls like it and some not. Some think it tastes too salty. It is much safer as far as getting pregnant or getting an STS to cum in a girls mouth instead of having intercourse. Oral sex is great especially for guys who have to relieve the sexual tension generated with touching or getting aroused while being with a girl.
  • Its absolutely healthy, its good for your skin, its good for whitening your teeth, and your man will truly appreciate you for it. Any man that acts like he's ok with you not going down on him and not swallowing is definetly lieing because he loves you a lot or he is having someonelse do it.

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