• Depends on what kind of piercing it is. Ears will usually take weeks to decrease in size, and may never close up completely, depending on factors like: A) how long you've had them and B) have you stretched the holes, etc. As far as I know from friends and such, belly button holes would probably be a few days to a few weeks, depending on the same factors mentioned above, while facial (eyebrow, labret, etc.) would be considerably less, life a few days, due to the face being particularly vascular tissue. The quickest of all piercings is the tongue, which I have heard can start to close up within 30 minutes to an hour after removing the barbell.
  • Lip piercings as well will close up in 30min whereas nose piercings will generally last a few days.
  • Tongue peircings close up the quickest but depending how long you've had the peircing and where the peircing is are key factors.For example you ears normaly can be left out for a week or so without them closing up but if it was your tongue it could close up in minutes.
  • It's relative to the size, place of the piercing, and how long you've had it. While my nostril piercing closed up within an hour, my eyebrow piercing has been open for the past six months even though I've had no jewelry in it. I've also had my earlobes pierced since I was 6 months old and haven't worn jewelry in them for a few years but they are stillopen.
  • I got my belly button pierced when I was 16. I took it out around the age of 18... I'm twenty now and it still has not closed up fully. It's horrible. Don't get your belly button pierced.
  • You can't really say for sure, sometimes they close immediately, sometimes they take years to close fully. Massages help.
  • ive got my ears pierced and ive had my earings out for about a year and they still havent closed up. i dont know how to take my tongue bar out. can anyone tell me how
  • The posts here regarding facial piercings are all myths. Facial piercings take a long time to close due to the vascular nature of the face. If you have a tongue piercing that has healed, it is not going to close up. If you had a 12/10 gauge bar in there - it will NEVER close up. Eyebrow piercings are also going to take a long time to close. The exceptions to the rule are lower lip and nostril. Other than that, your tongue is not going to start closing up 30 minutes after removing your piercing!
  • I got my tongue pierced and took it out about 3-4 hours later because I couldn't stand the swelling and throbbing and it healed up in about 10 minutes. My wife has had hers in for a about 2 years and she took it out for a day cause she had a sore that was irritated by it. The top closed up in about 10 hours but the bottom was still open. She has a small tongue and I'm not sure if that plays any factor in it or not.
  • It depends on the location of the peircing, your body chemistry, and how well you heal up. Some piercings will never heal, while others will heal up within a few minutes. My ear peircings never healed up, while my horizontal amphlong (head of the penis) closed up in 30 minutes after being completly healed for over six monthes.
  • I had a belly piercing for 7 years. I took it out 3 years ago, still looks exactly the same. I could probably still put the same ring back into it and it would fit just fine. I've come to accept I'm probably always going to have a hole above my belly button :s
  • When I had my tongue pierced, I was hospitalized for a short time. I had my tongue ring out for about 8 hours before the hole closed. If I forced it, I probably could have gotten the barbell back in...but it would have been very painful. It was pierced for a couple years prior. Tongue piercings close up very quickly, even if they are fully healed.
  • I had a nipple pericing it closed up within 1 week of my removing the post. My nose ring hole took months but I feel that was because it was infected when I took the ring out. I have 4 ear holes, out of 8 I had they are all still open and Ihavent had anything in them (except for putting my moms earings in to make my neices and nephews laugh) for over 10 years
  • i had a labret piercing close up after about a week or so. i had my nipples pierced at the same time, and i took them out at the same time. my right nipple closed up after a few weeks or so and my left nipple still has not closed up and i haven't had anything in it for about 3 years. so i think it's safe to say it varies.
  • I had my third lobe done about 6 weeks ago, and I took one out today, I think it was slightly infected but I'm not sure, I left it out, as the earing would only go back in half way, it wouldn't push through the scar tissue which had formed at the back of my ear as it has swollen slightly due to infection, as I took the earing out, the swelling covered the hole and now it won't go back in, I'm not sure how long it will take the swelling to go down, but how long, roughly will it take my ear to start healing up again? Will I still have the hole there by the end or will I have to get it repeirced? >.< Any answers?! D:
  • i have had my tongue piecered for nealy a year and going in hospiatal for a 3 hour op will i have to get it re piecered or will i be able to poke it through after lo ;)
  • Depends on the piercing and how old it is. Some can close up almost immediately after the jewelry is removed.
  • i just got my eyebrow pierced but in about 3 months i will play basketball n b4 games i will have 2 take it off for about 1-2 hours do you think it will close???
  • how long will it take an eyebrow peircing to close up, ive had it for 2 months and i need to take it out now for 7 hours, will it close up?
  • I've had my ear pierced for 2 weeks. How long will it take to close up?
  • I've had my tongue pierced for 10 years and lost my barbell 4 days ago. I just got a new one today. I was worried it might be too late, but I didn't even have to force it when I put it in. I think it just depends on how long you've had the piercing and where it is.
  • Depends on the piercing, depends on the person.
  • I had my tongue pierced 2 days ago and hated it, so I went back to the shop and they took it out, it seems to already be closing and it's been around 5 hours. it feels much better now, plus I can eat

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