• Vietnam PR Laos PR China Cuba DPR Korea (North Korea) I think
  • China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and Laos (Now officially called Lao People's Democratic Republic).
  • Russia China Cuba North Korea Vietnam
  • Vietnam, Russia, China, Cuba, North, Korea
  • First of all Russia is no longer a communist coutry. the remaing are.... Laos, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, and China.
  • North Korea Laos Cuba PR Vietnam Pr China
  • China, Cuba, Nth Korea, Laos and Vietnam.
  • Vietnam, Laos, Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea
  • None. True communism has never been applied. Saying those countries were truly communist is like saying the Democratic Republic of Congo was actually a democratic republic.
  • In addiition to China, North Korea, Cuba, Laos & Vietnam, can we also add Nepal which is ruled by Maoists? -gajendran m
  • Cuba, China and North Korea are officially Communist. Vietnam and Laos are communist but are not brutal like the others are; as in having a secret police. Vietnam has no secret police but other capitalist countries, like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Syria do. Vietnamese have a state controlled press but they have the Internet too.
  • Some overlooked Nepal, which is arguably Communist. The President - in office since 2015 - is a member of the Communist party, and for several years (decades?) in the monarchy era (which ended in 2008, I believe) China funded (and armed) a Communist rebel group that was a very significant threat to the Nepalese government.

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