• You need to know what his family believes. Just as there are a broad range of beliefs and levels of practice among Jews, Christians and other religions, Muslims run the gamut from "I come from a historically Islamic country or family so I must be Muslim" with no adherance to the faith... all the way to bizzare radical fanatic. As with other groups, the former (those essentially in name only) are pretty harmless but the further you get toward the "radical devotion" extreme, the more you can expect it to affect you. Most Muslims should have no problem at all with your racial heritage. I'd encourage you to be more attentive to compatible moral and spiritual beliefs and whether they (and you) are willing to tolerate differences there.
  • Many people after 9-11 strongly dislike muslims. They should be happy you are not shallow and judgemental like those people. they know how it feels to be judged on their looks and culture, so if they judge they shouldn't complain when judged.
  • It probably depends on where his family is from. Some countries care more about that than others. Many only want their children marrying someone from their own country. Some muslims in other countries think that most people who convert are black, many were shocked when I was chatting with them and I told them that I was a white convert. Marriage is a big step, esp. when you are different religions. If you go to live in a Muslim country, your freedom can be restricted, and any children you have there can be made to stay there by him. Just something to think about. Good luck! MIGirl, in Michigan
  • No, not unless his last name is al-Zawahiri!
  • You should be worried about the standard stuff when you meet the family.. You should be worried about your manners, your appearance, and being respectful. These rules apply to ANY relationship, mixed or not. Now, about this particular family. I would assume that this man you have spent time with over the last 6 months would not expose you to a situation where you would not be accepted (or at least not shunned) by the family. If he loves you, and the family does not, you just won't have to go to aunt Kaamla's for Thanksgiving every year for the next 3 decades. (PS... Kaamla is a Muslim name that means something like "perfect").
  • A very tricky question. Depends on many things Where does his family live? In his native country or here? If native country, then most chances are that he is using you to get nationality (not necessary ofcourse) If here, then it depends on the level of religiousness of his family. Most muslim parents will never accept a non-muslim daughter in law. In any case, you should be worried about his family. You should ask about his family & any expected reaction incase you marry him. If you decide to live in his country, then most probably, there will be restrictions on you depending on the country's culture. Your children may turn out to be muslim & when you get separated from him (which i've seen mostly happens in this kind of relationship), then you will face difficulty in taking your children back. You have to consider everything before making any decision & ofcourse his family matters.
  • Not at all,,,y should u be worried about that?? what actually makes u really afraid about it? ask yourself back?
  • Yes you should ! Muslims are genrally friendly, hospitable and family oriented. They do not bother about colour or race. But when it comes to religion they can be very rigid. They will most probably expect you to convert as soon as you get married. As per Muslim personal law practised in most Muslim countries women have no rights at all upon divorce. The children belong to the father and he may even prevent the mother from visiting.Even if the couple live in the western world some times Muslim men try to kidnap the children to their native country. Such cases have been reported from Pakistan, Jordan, etc. But there are liberal Muslims also, though rare - may be your man and his family are true liberals. But tread very carefully. Good luck.
  • i have been eith a muslim man for a long time i love im with all my heart. his family dont agree to us being together they want him to go to pakistan to marry. i am 27week pregnant with my son and thing getting harder between us because of it. i know if we dont get thrw this then we are not ment to be together. families always come in between!!!
  • From the form of your question, I assume that you are not Muslim yourself. What could happen is that his family would wish someone else for him, for instance someone from the same religion as he is. Or someone who would not be mix raced. This will depend on the ties that he has with you, and the ties that he has with his family. Remember also that even if he has not much contact with his family, maybe because they live somewhere else, it is still his family. On the other side, it seems that you have a mixed ancestry, or maybe even that your parents are an ethnically mixed couple, so you could already have experience with mixed couples (at least ethnically). Some particular things could be a problem for a Muslim family. Depending on the kind of Muslim that they are, they could absolutely refuse: - religiously mixed marriage - premarital sex - same sex unions (is it the case?) All those things are theoretically forbidden in Islam, so it will depend how serious they are about them.
  • Yes very much..Muslims I have been friends with for years made it clear they want marriage to be within their religion and expect the customs are followed.That's not saying you can't marry him. He may wind up losing his family if they give him the ultimatum. Either you or them. of course you may get lucky and his family assimilated to OUR way of life.

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