• I did a few years ago... Didn't work out (not because of race... LD relationship
  • My mom does interracial dating. I havent, im quite happy where i am so im not going anywhere.
  • Never been in one, but would like to. I've got some family who are married interracially, and they have wonderful kids.
  • I'm English and my wife is Scottish. Does this count?
  • I've not and have never have been...but if I were single and met someone I found interesting, it wouldn't matter what their race was. My step-sister has been married to a black man before, and has always dated black men. She has 2 bi-racial daughters. My brother has dated a few black women, and he is currently engaged to a girl who's from the Phillipines. In fact, she's moving to the U.S. next week and they will be married soon. I don't think race, religion, gender or culture should make any difference if 2 people love each other. As long as they are unrelated, consenting is love....why do some people get so bent about it?
  • No I am not. I have a friend who marreid an Indian women. they are happy and that is what matters.
  • I am in an interracial relationship, and it's really not a big deal at all. I can do without the title of 'interracial relationship'. I love him. He is who he is. Actually, I want to marry him. Race does not make a person. Character and attitude makes a person.
  • I'm white and have a black gf-classy, educated, sociable and built. we turn heads when we walk into a room and it works real well.
  • I'm not in one yet, but yes I know plenty who are and I embrace them.
  • A good portion of my friends and god family are products of or in an interracial marriage and if it werent fro interracial relationships I wouldn tbe here today. And growing up as a child I had crushes on mainly people outside of my race, so I guess you could say I've got no porblem with it.
  • i'm in a interracial married, it's normal for making a interracial dating, i know a interracial dating site,, ppl there treat others well and seems that thay have the same skin. so i don't think there r some problems with interracial dating.
  • I'm dating a white man and I am a black woman. Our relationship is wonderful, and I couldn't wish for anything more.
  • My best friend is black and he has only dated white girls, but he is not in a relationship right now.
  • yes, i am. i am white and my boyfriend of 5 years is hispanic.
  • i am not at the moment but i might be in the future i look at the person not the skin color. that would be like saying i have green eyes so i am only going to date green eyed guys.
  • Yes, been in an interacial relationship for the past six years with an Italian/American male and I'm an African American gal. To many people's surprise we are still together and have a deep love and mutual respect for each other. I can say we very rarely even talk about race, only when someone is being stupid do it really ever come up. Like when an ex-girlfriend of his asked a friend "Is he still dating that black "girl". "Girl" is what made me want to kick her butt.
  • no, i'm not in an interracial relationship right now. though i do know LOTS of people that are. :) and theyre perfectly happy together. though they get judged a lot, they dont let that affect their love for each other. its a beautiful, beautiful thing. :)
  • I know a couple who are now in their eighties. He was a doctor, and is white English, she is black Jamaican. She had been married previously and has another all-black family. They married at about forty and had one child together. So they have been together nearly fifty years, from a time when it was much less acceptable. They have had a very happy marriage and she cooks him great Jamaican food :-)
  • No to both, but I am not against it.
  • These days most people are
  • My parents (dad white, mum brown) 27 years of marriage and 3 kids later still going strong :D
  • I've dated interracially for 6 years. I should have done it years ago!
  • Accidentally double posted this. Please ignore it.
  • I am in an interracial relationship. I am white and he is black. We are deeply in love. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • I know a black woman and white man who are dating. They are sickeningly cute together. In fact, every black woman i know is involved with a white guy. My current lover is the same race as me (Caucasian), but I've boyfriends/girlfriends of different races before, and would again.

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