• I hate elastic waistbands. What they do on me is create an illusion of having a "pooched-out" abdomen, especially if they're too tight. If you're like me, you don't want the elastic waistband to show, so what I do to loosen it is very unorthodox and would make even a novice seamstress cringe. When the waistband has like four rows of stitching, I take a scissor and cut the top two rows off. I'm short-waisted, so this eliminates the waistband coming up almost as high as my rib cage, and is much looser and more comfortable. Yes, it does have a raveled edge, but I seldom wear anything tucked in, so what I wear on top covers a multitude of sins. Of course if you'd rather do it the conventional way, you could add more elastic at the sides.

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