• Personally I don't like Aishwarya Rai. But there are many people who think she is really great. It all depends on your interests.. like .. you like a person with this kind of personality, some particular kind of attitude etc. And yes, I think Aishwarya Rai is not that great and is overrated. But a lot of her fans worldwide may not accept that answer. Suppose you like your favorite actor, but the next person may think your favorite actor is overrated. And for "elskwared" Are you sure all of them are overrated. How many films have you seen of "Them All" to say They're ALL overrated? Not a good answer.
  • no she is def not over ratted..!!! she is just as normal as all the other actresses
  • YES definitely! shes beautiful...but not the most beautiful..there are plenty of beautiful more who potentially better looking than aish... and then there are women who have more talent than aish that cant be singled out! shes one of the most beautiful!!!!!!!!!
  • No "She can communicate in several languages, including Tulu, Hindi, English, Marathi and Tamil. While pursuing her studies in architecture, Rai began modeling on the side. In the 1994 Miss India contest, she won the second place (behind Sushmita Sen), and went on to win the Miss World title the same year, where she also won the Miss Photogenic award. She abandoned her studies after winning the pageant and spent one year reigning as Miss World in London. Rai then started working as a professional model and then moved on to her current profession as an actress." She is not only a great actress, she is also beautiful. (of course there are others very good, maybe better Bollywood actors who are not so well known in the West)
  • No, she is very beautiful and intelligent. I look forward to her next film.
  • I think overrated is Angelina Jolie,not Aishwarya.For that one who commented about Aish's fans,what's your problem if I see Aishwarya an amazing beauty?She is not at all overrated,I think on the contrary she is unfairly put in a shadow in front of less better-looking actresses like the common Jolie.
  • Yes...bollywood has many more beauties..she is nothing in front of them.
  • I think she needs some more ratings.
  • No I don't but many Hollywood actresses are..thanks :D
  • No. She should be more well known IMO. She's beautiful and I'd love to see her in an action flick.
  • yes i do think so.She's pretty but not sexy, i dont think she's got that appeal.she just like a piece of art pleast to look me there are so many women out there who are way to gorgeous and sexy than her;i necessarily dont mean actresses.her actings skills are her flops-hit ratio and u'll know. moreover its also imp to know how she'll look when she grows old.i am certain her looks will change drastically. the media's mad.they take people to great heights and you never know when they'll make them fall.i was shocked to know tulips named after her.any woman cannot be compared to flowers and there are many people named after flowers.its absurd.they have their unique place.its so incorrect she's come so far only because of her face-and her eyes take the credit.i personally have never seen such beautiful eyes. whatsoever,i like her only for one thing-she got pride to india and thats the only reason why i like her.nothing else
  • If you are talking about her beauty then definitely not.
  • Yes, she is stupid and obnoxious.. She invites controversies to herself by claiming she not doing anything. She is a sophisticated version of Rakhi Sawant. Attention seeking, absolutely high on popularity and fame and an opportunistic bitch.
  • No, I don't think she is overrated. She is a great dancer, actress and has a wonderful personality. Her choreographic moves are excellent. And...I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

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