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  • It's not the clothes it's how a woman carries herself. A woman can be sexy dressed in anything or naked. But those sheer black body suits drive me over the edge. Or just bra and panties with her erect nipples showing through....I have to stop now.
  • Those sweaters with the key hole opening above the breast are very pretty. It gives a glimpse while maintaining the suspense and a snug sweater shows off a woman’s figure.
  • Partially clothed, kind of like this photo.
  • Sexy clothes that reveal some, without revealing all...leaves something to the imagination, and gives you a sense of curiosity to want to find out whats underneath...even though you pretty much already know. It just makes it more exciting.
  • Just the panties. :)
  • wet panties.
  • Fully clothed, skirt and no panties.
  • clothes do not make a woman sexy(though it helps)ok ok ok skirt no panties and small flashes to get me going.
  • Tough choices, as I really like them all, especially if she has the flair to really make clothes work for her and not just hang on her. Also depends upon the situation, but I confess...if I know she's not wearing panties, then I'm like a dog on a scent. I just can't leave her alone.
  • clothed and no panties or bra
  • skirt sans panties. it would have to be the appearance of the "good girl" for the public, and the truth of "a nasty slut" for me and me alone(maybe another female just to play with)
  • girl fully clothed with a knee length skirt and no panties.
  • It really depends on the girl. Some girls need clothing to make them sexier. But if a girl has a great body, then nothing is sexier to me than the naked female form.
  • Skirt and panties would be preferrable to me. Allows there to be more anticipation. Plus, I just like panties....they rule.
  • My fiancee always wears a skirt with no panties. I find this very sexy. Sometimes I'll quickly lift her skirt, sit her down, and lick her to orgasm several times. I did this just the other day, as she was getting ready to leave - first, upstairs on the bed, then downstairs, before going outside. One time - late at night - I added an extra "licking station" - the hood of her car!
  • skirt and no panties... so much more teasing
  • Just panties because panties rule.
  • Skirt, both with and without panties.
  • Skirt no panties, it is just so sexy, they do it all the time because they know we love it. Just to maybe catch a peek is so freakin sexy.
  • Skirt no panties is the best. I knew a girl who used to do this in public occastionally, she would give me a peek to let me know she was bare underneath but since we where in public, I couldn't do much about it. I have to tell you though, when we got out of there it usually let to some wild lovemaking.
  • skirt, thong panties. much better than naked. I love a tease. :)
  • probably naked, because then I can see everything
  • I'd have to say a skirt with no panties. The chance to catch a peek at something you are not supposed to see is hot as hell. It's even sexier to me if they don't know you are seeing it. The ever elusive upskirt is a major turn on for me.
  • Fully clothed with panties. If something happens, like a breeze, that exposes the panties, it's thrill since it was not meant to be seen (or she did not mean to be seen).
  • fully clothed with a skirt and panties, as it leaves more to the imagination and how much i want to rip those clothes and panties off her ;)
  • Skirt, heels and nothing else. Mmmmmmmmmm.
  • fully clothed with a skirt and no panties
  • Just naked. I'm into girls who are confident with their bodies. Being confident with a 'sexy' outfit on is fine, but the sexiest thing to me is a girl who feels like she looks good naked. I think a girl with a great body who is not confident about her looks is less sexy than a girl with an OK body who feels very confident about the way she looks.
  • Short skirt no panties and slightly bushy pubes mm sexy xx
  • Slightly sheer skirt and skimpy panties :)
  • ether a skirt with no panties are in just wet silk panties with the cloth lineing removed. I depends on how well the girl with no panties knows how are is willing to flirt with her vulva. IF she bends over to show it off , picks one leg and puts in on something high enouph to show it off are sits to where people if in front of her can see but not from the side of her those are all very sexy. exspecialy if she is waxed and/or has lip rings, A clit ring or a spike between her vagina and butt.
  • My wife with a skirt and no panties works just fine. Gives the opportunity to flash a little or go down for a discreet taste even in public. At the same time there is nothing sexier than a well placed gust of wind that blows a skirt up at just the right time.
  • As a girl I would go for skirt with a thong or nothing under it. I think the skirt provides the anticipation cover but when it blows up or the angle is right for an upskirt then the thong or nothing gives the best view.
  • i would have to say a woman fully clothes but with no panties under her skirt. my fiance wears skirts more often than not. and every now and then she'll tell me how she like the feeling of the breeze against her "cherries". which is code for-F-ing give it to me right now
  • Well i feel a lot sexier when I'm not wearing panties under a skirt. Especially when i go out....
  • Skirt and no panties - its far more intriguing and gets my mind wondering how to get a peak.
  • All of the above. I prefer, very short skirts, stockings and garter, thong panties (over the garter for easy removal), blouse that is left unbuttonned enough to show her breasts and nipples when she moves.

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