• Happy Valentines Day to you too Lisa. I wish I could give you a hug, but I don't want to break you. Here is a virtual one. (((((BIG BEAR HUG)))))
  • Ty Lisa happy valentines to you to *gives rose. And i'd have to say that being alone is always better than being with Mrs wrong
  • Cheers. I did find Mrs. Right, but she's out of town for work this week. So I will be alone (except the dog and cats).
  • Thanks..Yeah I agree with you..It's better o be alone than being with Mr/Ms Wrong.^_^ There's nothing wrong if you're loveless this Valentines..There will be a lot of Valentines to come.And maybe in that time we already found the one..:D
  • What a lovely sentiment...much appreciation felt...don't forget,either that there is no such thing as 'alone' because it implies a detachment from the rest. Actually we are all connected on a spiritual (or sub atomic) level, depending on where your syntax preferences are. Much love to you too, Lisa Lisa...and to the Cult Jam...;)
  • I don't feel alone anymore after reading your very thoughtful message, Lisa. You have a Happy Valentine's Day.:):):):)
  • xxx {{hugs}} xxx
  • Ohh I quite enjoy giving Mrs Wrong a good seeing to now and again. There are plenty of them out there, and it is much more fun than being alone.
  • Thanks, Lisa. I've been alone and I've been married and there are advantages to each condition. I prefer to be happily married...but you know once when I was feeling quite lonely and down because I was alone (years ago) I thought: you know DBD you don't have it so bad--you don't have a s/ have everything else and how can you complain about having 99 % ? Happy Valentine's Day to you too:)!!!!
  • Happy Valentine's sweetheart. I am sure you are a very nice loving person.
  • I receive via e-mail, "Notes from the Universe" and thought I'd share today's note and wish you a Happy Valentines Day: Love where you've been. Love where you're at. Love how you think. Love the power you pack. Love all that you seek. Love all that you feel. Love your rocking emotions and the thoughts you make real. But mostly, amazing, you ABer you, I really, really love you in this very moment. What? Loving you from every angle - The Universe
  • I'm with you, Lisa. Hapy Valentine's Day to everyone. May we all take this day to appreciate those friends and family we love as well as a little time to appreciate oursevles and what we can give to the world. It doesn't have to be a holiday for lovers. It can be a holiday about love.
  • Thanks Lisa, and right back at you! As someone who spent FAR too many VD days alone even when I was supposedly "in" a relationship.(Not by MY choice.) Painful as my recent breakup was by finding out I was just cheated on, betrayed and lied to. I AM painfully coming to realize that I am indeed far better off alone than continuing to be hurt and treated so cruelly. My best to you in finding whatever makes you truly happy. Edited to help those guys who might do better next year...
  • awe your not alone in being alone today , iam too thanks.
  • Hey's a big {{Hug}} for you for Valentine's Day!!
  • Thanks, Lisa, same to you! It's been a long, hard day, but I'll try to remember that!

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