• I don't know if I would or not. Pink just doesn't suggest a good, strong tool for working around the house.
  • I think it would be awesome! My hubby is a painter and does minor repairs. Whenever I buy a tool for the house (drill gun, screwdriver set, etc) it always ends up in his work bins in the truck and I have no tools in the house to fix things. I know FOR ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that he would never EVER take a pink tool. Where can I buy them?
  • yes i would i love anything pink i have a pink hammer and a pink dust pan and brush snd will buy more
  • I have one. My mum bought it for me for Christmas. It also has an wicked screwdriver with interchangable heads that looks like a little drill but is just the right size my girly hands. It also has a hammer, scissors, a tape measure and it all comes in a really nice pink bag.
  • I wouldn't; but my wife used to have a screwdriver with removable heads, and the handle had this girly floral pattern to it...
  • Only if my house and car were already pink and I had nothing to lose.
  • My wife has one and it is quite handy.
  • I have one of those! It didn't come with a hammer though. I bought it because it was only a dollar and I didn't have a place to store very many tools. It looks funny (I can get away with it since I'm a female) but it's worked on several projects!
  • Only if it would keep my husband from swiping my tools. He has a shed and workshop full, but mine are in the house and handy, so he always uses mine and doesn't them return properly. Edit spelling
  • If they work, why not? (I doubt I'd ever lose them in the grass, huh?) ;-)
  • Why not? Assuming they're functional, of course.
  • I have a friend that painted his lawnmower pink so no one would steal it... I guess the same concept works here, a pink hammer might be easier to find too!
  • Shore. Usually when I'm workin' 'specially if I'm tryin to fix somethin' I cuss a blue streak, so it would at least be colorful, if not successful repair. Actually we do have one. Bought it for the same reason hope and the others did. Mrsnotmrjohn, uh notmrsjohn? anyway she too got tired of me usin her stash of tools and figured I wouldn't use the pink ones. Wrong. I've even taken them to the job site. Very few comments, we don't care what color they are. When you need to wham sumpin the color of the whammer has no effect on the whammin'. Besides by the time I am thru using them they are all scuffed up, got paint, tar and glue on them anyway.
  • it would take a very low price and a very persuasive argument as to why the one i already have is not good enough
  • I buy tools for myself, and they always end up in my husband's tool box. Once they enter that world, they are forever lost.... Hot pink would be a way to keep him away from my tools! Where can I get them??????
  • Probably not because I have all the tools I need and I'm the only one using them.
  • sure i would..i love pink!!
  • I've seen those kits. The kit that I saw (there may be other makers), the tools were really poorly made. It seemed more like a Paris Hilton Home Accessory kit.
  • YES. I love the color pink way too much.
  • No, but that's because I don't like buying things in kits. I like buying great tools to really do a job. And those probably won't come in pretty colors. I guess it's because I do real work with my tools, my favorite hammer doesn't come in pink and my screwdrivers are mostly cordless and big, and so are all my air tools.

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