• I'm 40 and I've never received one either. I guess it's not all that unusual.
  • Certainly you have received a Valentine from an overt admirer. I too am secret admirer-less, but have received Valentines.
  • I do not think I have ever received a Valentines card from a secret admirer.
  • So by 55 you are suppose to recieve a V card from secret admirer? I guess that would be nice - perhaps you did not file early enough this year.
  • I think you'll find this club has a large membership...:-P...
  • I'm 41 & I've never gotten one either
  • "Supposed to"? Nah. You'll be all right, Charlie Brown. *wink*
  • To all the female ABers who have never received a valentines card...
  • I never knew I was supposed to. Yet another thing in life for me to lament.
  • I have received a few, but in time I came to know who sent two of them. He is my friend and always will be. Just a shy about putting himself forward.
  • Dear Freddy, Have a beautiful Valentine's day! Smell some roses, go for a walk and think of me...your secret admirer:)
  • This is a note from your very secret admirer Freddy. You will always be in my heart--I cannot tell you who I am but when I see you on the street my heart goes aflutter and soon it is pounding like thunder! Yes, I dream that one day you will take me in the forceful manner that I know you possess, but which you keep so well hidden. You are my hero Freddy, if only we could be together. But it isn't meant to be--my parents pledged me to another, and I must stay with him forever. But it is only you who fills my heart. If only we could have a few moments of bliss together--I don't care if it is a sin, I've always burned with love for you...take me, I'm yours to do with as you will!
  • I don't think I have ever received a Valentines card from anyone! I generally haven't had a boyfriend around that time either! But I know my boyfriend is having roses delivered for me tomorrow, so never mind!
  • if you flirt enough with the opposite sex, you will receive something.
  • I never did either , I think it was just recently , that I heard about it being the norm

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