• According to several shopping sites, it ought to have come with a program cd rom. Likely all the information will be there. Some players need to run a small program that may be included on that disk, to initialize the player , possibly formatting it and setting up a file structure.That model requires no cables to connect to the USB 2.0 port, just plugs right in. If your pc is up to date with the latest drivers, when the mp3 is plugged in, windows should recognise it as a portable drive. It will show up in "my computer". Here's where reading the manual comes in (it may be on the cd rom supplied),as you may need to use a program that may be on that disk to transfer files.It may also be possible to use windows media player to transfer the music.Also it may be a simple matter of dragging and dropping files from the pc to the player. Additionally, some players require that music on the player be only in certain folders in order to play. This is possible as that unit supports a recording feature. This is as far as I can go, check your documentation. One of those methods mentioned, will work, which one, depends on that player.

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