• Coffee milk, grinders, cabnits, Dell's and the word "wicked " pronounced as "wikit" as in "we had a wikit good time!"
  • oh I forget, clear chowda!
  • There are so many weird regional quirks in the US, it's quite fascinating. For one, the music is very distinct in the South, North, Midwest, and West. New Yorkers have their hot dogs with ketchup, Chicagoans put everything BUT ketchup on. Northerns drink unsweet tea, and that doesn't exist in the South. The list is HUGE, but there are some fun ones.
  • Well...I live in Hawaii. I'm not sure there's enough space here to write all the regional things we do, but I'll try: Hula poi pupus luau ahi the world's most active volcano the world's largest telescopes the only US state with a royal palace ukuleles hawaiian music very popular falsetto singing aloha shirts outrigger canoe paddling world's highest per capita consumers of Spam lots and lots of SURFING
  • County Fairs where all the farm boys and girls ride their tractors, etc. The High School kids park in the Wal*Mart or Sheetz parking lot to show off their cars which are usually beaters - and usually very old beat up Honda Civics. Not a whole lot to do where I live. BTW, isn't Euchre a card game or am I way off? Family in Ohio play a card game I always assumed was spelled "Yuker"...
  • Probably alot of things but what comes to mind is weird spaghetti "feeds" and pancake "feeds" and it makes me think of eating from a trough (can't remember how to spell it) makes me ill! They also have a schmekfest, go figure!
  • Yeah, Everyone in the United States calls Oregon, Orygone. And the correct pronunciation which seems only Oregonians use is Oregun. Or Organ...yah know like liver, heart, kidney.
  • When I went to Colorado, I asked for seltzer at a restaurant and they looked at me like I was crazy and said "Do you mean sprite?"
  • I don't know that it's exactly exclusive to the Philadelphia-NYC corridor (by which I mean New Jersey and the things that immediately surround it to the west and south-west), but Pork Roll, which may also be called Taylor Ham, is something I have rarely seen outside the region. Typically served with egg, cheese, or more often both on a hard roll, it used to be the stereotypical NJ breakfast. These days, it's a caramel machiatto from Starbucks, which costs as much, is arguably healthier, and available even as far away as in Rayong Province, Thailand. Universality is criminality spelled with a "univers". As for me, a Pork Roll, egg, and cheese is one of those things I could eat three meals a day, and it's especially good with sauteéd green peppers and onions smothered on it. Or, you could just pump the fat and cholesterol into my heart with an IV - whichever. And I'll have a 24 oz. coffee from Wawa with mine. Wawa is another of those things - the ubiquitous Pennsylvania/South and Central Jersey convenience store of choice, which also has a few locations in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. It's one of the reasons I could never leave this part of the country permanently, and my household proudly pays them about $10,000 per year for the privilige drinking their coffee, eating their cold cuts, and obtaining our cigarettes there. Factor in the additional $4000 or so a year in gas we buy there alone, and you'll understand my disappointment that they are not a publicly traded company. It's sort of hard to explain, but the days in my youth when I thought 7-11 was better were best described as a time of naiveté. I chalk them up to lack of exposure. If there was a convenience store chain war in this country, I would take up arms for Wawa. It's the only part of this country I miss when I am in the Netherlands. Try finding a pack of cigarettes at 4 a.m. in Amsterdam - or a coffee of more than 4 ounces, for that matter! I'm sure there must be more to the place where I dwell, but in 35 years, I'll be damned if I can tell you what it is. All I can advise you is to enjoy both, but ironically, to never buy a Pork Roll, egg, and cheese sandwich from Wawa. This is the most indispensible advice you have gotten since don't go out in the rain without an umbrella... or not to "engage" a prostitute in Rayong Province without protection. Feel free to have a Starbucks, however.
  • Kind of near here we've got the Annual Spiedie Festival. They don't make spiedies anywhere else, it's a completely regional food thing. But it's fun to visit there and see all the food stalls and balloons and people. They come from all over, even other states to the SpiedieFest:-)
  • We play Eucher and have ham salad all the time in Louisiana. We have Cajuns here and that is unique to Louisiana. We are the birthplace of Jazz, the term Dixie. While other places have Mardi Gras celebrations, New Orleans Mardi Gras is what comes to mind when one thinks of Mardi Gras. We have the tallest state capital building and our old capital building is a castle. As far as regional cuisine well, it's world famous in it's uniqueness. We are the producer of Tabasco brand pepper sauce and the birthplace of Popeye's Famous Fried Chicken. We eat crawfish, turtle, and alligator sauce piquant just to name a few of our dishes.
  • The Norsk Hostfest. It's pretty big where I live. It's a scandanavian event.

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