• Hillary Clinton is an amoral, dangerous person. The whole Rodham/Clinton Gang is yet to be widely exposed by the press because there is some sort of nefarious symbiotic relationship between certain high rollers in the communications business and the drug gangster money makers. If you did just a little research into the Arkansas Rodham cocaine cartel you'd quickly see what's the big poop driving this woman. Be prepared to be wowed by some of the names that come up when you do this research, (Bush, Rodham, Clinton, North.) Vote for her? Not on your life!
  • No. She is a very dangerous person and very unqualified. If she worked at a McDonalds I wouldn't eat there.
  • No just take Bill and multiply it times 4
  • I think Hillary has the best chance (out of any female) of becoming president in the next 30 years. What other woman out there has that chance. If Hillary does not win the presidency, we will probably not see a woman president in our lifetime. So far, the men have run this country...right into the ground. Hillary would probably do a much better job than Baby Bush. That should not be hard.
  • No, I do not. I'm with you. I think a woman president would be just fine, but I don't think that Hillary Clinton is the one for the job. I'm sick of the Bush/Clinton control-freak, power-hungry dynasty. I want to see a real change.
  • Do I think she should? Absolutely NO. Will she become president? I think Yes. In my opinion Women should not be allowed to become President. It is a sign of weakness to other countries. Some countries do not even recognise women leaders at all. They will ask why a man did not step up to the task of Leading there country?
  • Yes, I do. She is very smart and would do a wonderful job as President. England elected Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister which is the equivalent. I believe a woman would be a change for the better. She knows how to balance budgets and get cooperation from other nations before declaring war. Are the British more open minded than we are? I do believe that she is the only candidate who could win against McCain. In the General election, the people will vote their true beliefs. Many of Obama's votes came from Republicans, who will desert him in the General Election. If Democrats really want to win they will stand with Hillary. The people who are funding his campaign are questionable in my opinion.
  • I hate that bitch. Shes an idiot and ignorant for thinking that she could try and wants violence taken out of video games. Are you retarded? Come on lady if theres rated R violent movies theres gonna be games like that. It pisses me off so bad. And just for that sole purpose im pissed.
  • I think a person's gender should be irrelevant when you're trying to figure out who to vote for. For me, it's all about character.
  • Absolutely not! I wish Condoleezza Rice would run though.

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