• When are we going? I am planning on going to Australia in about a year or so, I then I have to got ot Scotland to see Mental Mum on my way back. I promised her I would. You game?
  • Well let's see. When do you plan on going, and for how long? Also, will you definitely be going to both places or to just either or?
  • Me, me! Come to Scotland zack! Preferably in the summer if you don't want to freeze to death :) Any particular place?
  • I can't help you Scotland but I did 3.5 weeks in Oz last year and am going back again in May. What did you want to know? Highlights? Take a Qantas vacation package of air and a 3 zone add-on for about $1399 from the USA west coast and do Sydney, Cairns (Great Barrier Reef), and either Melbourne, Adelaide (Barossa Valley wine region) or Alice Springs/Uluru Rock.
  • well, i can find a place for you to stay ;)
  • ef college break does it all for you. just google it. is an extra $100 off with the promo code hesseln1188. Im going with them to greece.
  • I'll plan it but you have to pay ;)

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