• You should use two first class stamps on a seven page letter. I speak from experience. :)
  • I figure myself since size and weight very in writing paper, the general rule I use is 1/2 stamp per page. If you don't want to put on a forth stamp have the post office weigh it for you, to be sure. It a bitch getting your own letters back with your canceled stamps you had put on it saying insufficient postage.
  • It would be 58 cents. You could just use 1 58-cent stamp. Chevalier Daniel C. Boyer
  • I would use 2 to be on the safe side.
  • That would depend on how much it weighs. In the u.s. its $0.49 for a first class stamp and that will mail up to 1 ounce. But it's only $0.21 I think for each additional ounce so you could go up to 3 ounces for two stamps. So it would depend on how much ink you've got on the page, how thick your paper is ETC
  • probably two

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