• have you talked to your pediatrition about this? it might be something simple or something as dangerous as "failure to thrive".....i'm not trying to scare you because i don't know all the details but definitely seek help from the doctor if this keeps up best of luck to you :)
  • He might have an ear infection. My son did that as an infant when he had one. I would get it checked out so you don't drive yourself crazy. :)
  • My 10 month old just refuses to eat at meal time, he is not yet on finger foods, which is one factor i am worried about ( although his health visitor has said its nothing to be overly concerned about as he will when he is ready ) , but when i try to feed him his meal, he just closes his lips so tight that you simply cant get anything in at all, he is teething his top teeth at the moment we think, but even though he refuses to eat his dinner, he does however open very wide for his yogurt!!.. we have even tried giving him baby food from a jar so it is room temperature/fridge temperature to see if that helps but still no luck, it is getting me very worried and down as i just dont know what else to try now, Any finger foods i offer he just chucks on the floor ( thinking he may be ready for finger foods now which is why he doesnt want his puree'd food ) but he just isnt interested.. please if anyone has any advice or ideas, if anything to reassure me that he is not alone in being like this, and let me know how long to expect this etc, i would very much appreciate it. Thankyou x
  • Have you tried looking inside mouth to make sure doesnt have thrush or some sort of infection that might be making his mouth sore, my daughter had thrush and thats what she did. she would not eat or open her mouth for nothing until i layed her down and pryed her mouth open with my fingers and seen the white patches...went to the doctor and he confirmed got some medication within a day or twos time she was back to normal.
  • did you ever figure out why he's not eating? I'm going through exactly the same thing now. My boy is about 3.5 month old. He has been refusing to eat pretty much after he had thrush. At first, i thought it's because he's not recovered from thrush. But I took him to the ped and she confirmed that he no longer had thrush. So she thought it might be reflux. After putting him on med for 7 days, we didn't see any improvement at all. I think it actually got worse. We took him to the ped again yesterday and she couldn't really tell us what's wrong... I'm totally lost and really worried.
  • Did any of you find a solution about your infant children refused to eat. I going through that now with my 7 months old daughter. I don't know what to do. Yes f/u with her pediatrician every month, he kept telling to try different formula. :(
  • Well my daughter who is now 8 and a half months old was just like that. Actually it started when she was born and i just couldn't understand why a baby doesn't want to eat so i changed things to see if it was the nipple or formula, hell i tried everything under the sun.. However, it got so bad that she was hospitalized for 3 days because she wouldn't eat. All the doctors said she is fine and that things like that happen. I just couldn't shake the feeling that something is wrong. So, i fought with her doctor for him to run tests. He was smug and thought i was doing something wrong. Well i wanted answers, So i kept fighting even though all the tests we coming back normal.. Well there was one test that they didn't run and that was an allergy test for milk, soy and wheat. Come to find out my baby is allergic to soy and even stranger it is in all formula and practically all foods. So, All she eats now is baby food and whole milk along with me giving her a multi vitamin. It's funny how baby's know and doctors don't. Soon as she came into this world she knew. Anyhow, if i were you i would get an allergy test done on her, that could be her issue. Most baby's overcome the allergy by 2, at least that is what they say. So, don't stress and i know that is easier said than done. If you have any more questions you can reach me at Have a good night
  • My daughter couldn't drink mom's milk, we checked with the doctor and he advised us of a suitable alternative. She's doing fine!

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