• slowing it down means putting on weight... if you want to do this try not exercizing... consult doctors first though...
  • well im 18, 5'11" and only 130 lbs, i acutally started taking vitamins, the flinstones ones w/ iron and after a week i gained a pound which was really unusal and then the next week i gained 2 more, so then i also started to eat 2 big big meals a day, no breakfast and drinking lots of milk and in one month, which is crazy!!! i gained 10 lbs so now im 140lbs and i havent been able to gain any weight since i was like 15 so i would suggest all that! lots of calories man! and vitamins i guess haha!
  • I don't know...may I just say that I wish I had your problem? ;-) My problem is the opposite, I wish I could speed up mine. But, I'm severely hypothyroid. Perhaps you could add more calories, or reduce the amount of exercise you do? How about asking if something like Ensure or Boost would help give you more nutritious calories? (instead of empty calories from sodapop, chips, and other junk)

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