• That's funny. I heard that Wendy's puts sawdust in their frosty's.
  • It's called a thickner, usually in powered chocolate or flavoring. The thickner can be made of many sustances.
  • i heard the statistic quoted that the average american diet contained 9 parts hydrocarbon to 1 part food. doesn't surprise me at all. even if their milkshakes do contain ANY milk, and assuming it's coming from cows, you can be sure it will come from cows fed on dubious monsanto (or similar) toxins which harm the cow, causing all kinds of puss and other carcinogenics and toxins to get into the milk. yeah... lovely place is Mc D's. only reason i dont go there is because there isn't one where i live. otherwise i'd look the right hypocrit, warning people of the dangers of fast food, all the while unable to stay away needing to fix my insatiable chemical cravings. no doubt pepper their food with a monosodiumglutamte cocktail, washed down with some aspartame and ascesulfame K for extra brain rot to prevent cognitive sentience from getting in the way of addiction maintenance. [/rant]
  • All I know is, we use a shake mix for both the soft ice cream and the shakes. The snake flavoring is just syrupy based liqued
  • This wouldn't surprise me at all. Read 'Fast Food Nation' or watch the film.
  • For one thing, the FDA (Drug or Food Administration) would disapprove. They look over every single types of food and ingredients. Second, wouldn't people be sick from the shakes?! There aren't any reports of any person sick from the shakes. And lastly, this is from an urban legend website:
  • Yes you're on the right track. To make a strawberry milkshake at home you need four ingredients. To mass produce it you need 59 ingredients. Most of them are synthetic.
  • This is probably true I also heard much of the rice from China sold to the USA and elsewhere is made of plastic.
    • Jewels Vern
      Chinese suppliers have been nailed many times, using melamine to increase protein analysis of baby foods. Melamine is used in USA for plates (Melmac) and hard surfaces on bookshelf boards.
  • No plastics cause liver damage the FDA would never allow that besides it's been proven false by Snopes
  • There are always false tales about food handling.
  • It would not surprise me.

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