• From Drug Testing Quarterly--Spring 2000 (available on the internet in "cached" form): Special Issues: Methamphetamine exists in two different forms, designated by the letters, "d" and "l." Street methamphetamine is predominantly d-methamphetamine. The over-the-counter medication, such as Vick's Inhaler, contains exclusively the "l" form. Although uncommon, heavy use of Vick's Inhaler can cause a positive urine test for methamphetamine. The claim that Vick's Inhaler is the source of a positive methamphetamine test can be checked by testing for the "d" versus the "l" form. This test is performed by GC/MS. False Positive Results: The following is a list of prescription and over-the-counter drugs [including SUDAFED] that can cause false positives on screening by immunoassay. The list is not comprehensive and these drugs may be found in a large variety of medications. None of them will test positive for methamphetamine or amphetamine on confirmation by GC/MS.

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