• No. It's lazy thinking form a bygone era
  • For me it comes down to this question -- if there is a god -- where did god come from? -- if there isn't a god, where did all this stuff come from? Either way, it all came from nothing, so yes, I would consider that a very clever magic trick.
  • No. Very reasonable people with scientific minds allow for the possibility of creation.
  • I think believing in the big bang theory is more magical than creation. I fought with the issue for years as I went from a catholic to an atheist, and now back to believing in creation. The one issue I oculd not accept with the science side and the big bang is that even if it all happened from one molecule, how did that one molecule come from nothing. Where else can it be explained that something came from nothing? So my thinking basically believes that even if the big bang happened, that first molecule had to be PUT there and not just "happened" to just form there from a vacuum.
  • By magical, I assume you're implying 'irrational, illogical, whimisical perhaps?' Then I'd have to say No. Creation makes much more sense to me as opposed to the notion of events merely unfolding on the basis of progressive coincidences -- that my friend, is Magical Thinking in my opinion. Hey ;), you asked buddy.
  • No. It's biblical thinking (from the bible. And even further back, before the bible was ever thought of).
  • The curiosity is a quest for knowledge and how things work. No one knows where it will lead. Sometimes it takes a researcher many years of investigation to yeild results. To compare that to a hacker is an insult. It would be like trivelizing your beliefs into just being basically glorified zealots. Knowlege is always the goal. So much good has come from it. Yes, and bad. But you can't say the church has the exclusive realm of moral decisions. Name one moral decision that couldn't be derived by an atheist. You don't have to be religious to be moral. Morality has a strong evolutionary drive. It benifits everyone to be moral. A lot of bad things have been done in the name of religion.
  • no, everything has had to be created at some point in time, when and how is the big question isnt it?
  • The curiosity in science is not something trivial as you describe. It is the search for trueth and knowledge that drives them. You trivialize some researchers years of effort by saying they are basically glorified hackers. It is as if creationist were characterized as basically glorified storytellers. Science has done a lot that is for the improvement of mankind, but you never know where some research will lead. Historically, christians have been the biggest block to scientific study. Science is morally neutral, but you don't have to be religious to be moral. Evolution actually places a value on moral behaviour. We do better when we treat each other right. That doesn't have to come from the bible, pure logic will say that.
  • Who created the creator?
  • Well, I don't believe in magic either.

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