• Honestly I would not need anything larger than 4000-6000 sq feet. Even that would be large :) 5-6 bedrooms, 3-4 full baths and a completely finished lower level would suit me just fine.
  • The lot should be big enough to accommodate a swimming pool (not Olympic-sized huh).
  • If money were no object and I could have my way (rarely happens) it wouldn't probably be bigger than what I currently have (@2000ft.). It would be vastly different though. First it would be in the country on at least ten acres but fifty would be awesome. I'd probably have tons of solar panels and wouldn't be connected to the grid or depend on oil companies to fire my heater up. I really don't think you need anything better than 2000 ft.
  • Small three bedroom,two bath bungalow would be perfect...on the beach.
  • 3 bathrooms, living room, den, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, laundry service, dining area. About 2,000 square feet.
  • I only need something big enough for me & my Beagle. I am in the process of dumping a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, formal dinner room, indoor laundry, large living room w/very large yards for a 2 bed, 2 bath townhouse. I only wish I had a bigger bathtub in the new house. If space is not used, it is a waste.
  • If money's no consideration, I would have a Class A RV made to my specifications and floor plan. Then I could take my "house" whevever I want to go.
  • Size is not as important as location. I want a beach house. It should be big enough to have a complete apartment for Mom and Pop, and 5 extra bedrooms/bathrooms/kitchenettes for family get togethers. Plus it would have to be wired throughout for computers and large screen TV's. I want a master suite for me and Hubby with a sitting room with ocean view on three sides, a bathroom with a jacuzzi, and a bedroom with an ocean view and a fireplace. Since we don't currently own a house like that, we do know where we can rent a comparable place on the beach, When Mom and Pops were younger, they rented it out for the whole family every October for their anniversary get-togethers. After two miserable ocean cruises, (second one free because the hassles of the first one) they found out the beach vacation was a lot more fun.
  • I would want a nice old house with a wrap around porch and lots of property. I would need a bedroom for myself & husband and each of my children (right now that is 2 children) and 2 spare bedrooms for times when I have people to stay over. A bathroom in the master bedroom, a bathroom for the kids to share, a bathroom in the basement and a bathroom for the spare bedrooms (We only have one bathroom now for 2 adults and one teenager, think about it) I would like a large kitchen with all the extras (I love to cook), a living room and a den, a basement and an attic.
  • An ordinary 3 bd/2 ba house. Of course, I would need a Great Hall to use as a throne room when the peasants come calling.
  • Nothing too large--just for us two and an extra little cottage house when the daughter visits. However, it would be on an exquisite piece of land--trees, water source, right amount of sunlight for a garden, a beautiful meadow close by.
  • I'm not really into material things - just something comfortable in size and appearance. If I lived alone I'd want a 2 bedroom home so that I'd have a guest bedroom. No dining room but a nice-sized kitchen and living room. A full bath off the master bedroom and a full bath in the hall or something. I'd rather have a modest-sized home furnished well...and less to clean!
  • I would want a 3 bed., 2 bath, with a garage, and a full basement. I good size kitchen with lots of counter space, Big Family room. Not to huge of a house.
  • Just one more room for storage of supplies for orphanages and kids in need.
  • lol thats weird, I was just googling 'Most expensive houses in America' before I saw this... anyways the most expensive is this one... $165 million - Beverly Hills, California. " Once the home of newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst, this 6.5-acre mega-mansion in Beverly Hills was built in 1926 and was featured in the film The Godfather. The compound comprises six buildings that have a total of 29 bedrooms. There are three swimming pools and a movie theater"
  • I have about 1300 sq. ft now and that seems like plenty. Even with unlimited funds, why would I need more space than that? In the last few years, I have been moving more and more towards scaling back and therefore need even less space.

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