• My friend had the same problem when he bought his ps3 in march. sorry to nsay this but u were giving a faulty ps3. return to the retail store that u purchased it from and explain and bring ur waranty and receipt
  • Your drive is basically stuffed and will need to be formatted by inserting into a hard drive enclosure and connecting it to your computer, or Whatever you do, don't send it to get repaired by Sony PS3, or they will charge you 2x more. Instead - do it youself, go to any retail shop where you know you will find hard drives compatible with your PS3. This is a great time for you to upgrade your console by looking into a 80GB or more drive as an alternative to the standard 20GB, 30GB, 40GB and 60GB hard drives. Replace your corrupted hard drive with your new hard drive and you should be ready to go as long as your new drive is a 2.5-inch SATA notebook. This link has simple step by step in pictures instructing you how to upgrade your PS3:,62032875,00.htm
  • The same thing happened to my Ps3 2 weeks ago, I have the 40 GB hard drive and the way I fixed it was I took my hard drive out and found a friend with a Ps3, I then plugged my hard drive into his Ps3 and reformatted the hard drive, I then took my hard drive and replugged it back into my PS3 and had to reformatt it again. My PS3 works fine but I lost my saved data.

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