• Obviously just my opinion but here goes 1. A good parent takes care of themselves as well as their children. If a parent is not mentally/physically/spiritually healthy they will not be able to take care of their childrens mental physical/spiritual health. 2. A good parent accepts that they make mistakes and learns from them. 3. A good parent appologizes when they are wrong. 4. A good parent is not a child's friend. 5. A good parent loves their child for who they are not who they will be. 6. A good parent allows their children to be responsible for their behavior.
  • I strongly agree with educator9445's answers, but to add just a few more. 1. Discipline is very important. Not beatting your child but letting them know that there is a price to pay for every action. On the other hand you must reward them just as much. 2. You need to teach your child to respect everyone. They don't have to like ppl. Just respect them. 3. A big one that i have trouble with is always follow through with what you say good or bad. If you don't then everything you say or tell them doesn't matter.
  • I learned that parents shouldn't quarrel infront of their kids. When kids see their parents fighting, they may think they did something wrong. From expirence, quarreling in front of us, kids can really get really get us to feel down in the dumps.
  • Good parents are born, not invented. good parents put their children first, above any and all worldly possessions. good parents stay together for leadership and mentors for their children. good parents stay young and healthy and literally growup with their children. good parents are there 24-7 for their children, through the good and the bad times. good parents may have to work three or four differents jobs, in order to provide just the necessities, including babysitters, for their children. good parents provide positive leadership and direction, to their children. good parents are clean drugs, no alcohol, and good morales. children DO follow in their parents footsteps. good parents have a christian home. and finally, good parents are role models not only for their children, but for every child that visits their home.
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  • Love yourself and your children Discipline Honesty Encourage early opportunities for personal decision making Encourage early opportunities for personal accountability Be consistent Read to your children Spontaneous affection Allow them to have opinions that differ from yours (and teach them how to back them up) Encourage passion Benefit of the doubt
  • A good parent? Hmm. I know if I ever become a parent, I want to love my children for who they are. I want to be there for them whenever they need me. I want to care about them more than I care about myself. I want to appreciate them for who they are. I want them to be happy in my company but I don't want to be too much of a "friend", for instance.. if they punch another child in the face, I don't think I'd want to side with them or try to justify it. I want to be a good disciplinarian. I want to teach them to cook. I want to enjoy helping them with their homework. I want to be able to bring them to the park and just enjoy family company whether it be around the swings or in the pool. The list can go on, but most of all I want to be a happy parent! My parents are like this and it totally inspired me. I love it! They just simply love everyone around them.
  • Below are characteristics of good parenting. I believe there is a difference between a good parent and good parenting. Granted there will be many similarities but the difference is what calls for pointed questions. Anyway... Some research studies have been conducted to determine the characteristics of parents whose children exhibited appropriate developmental progress. The parents in these studies represented a cross-section of backgrounds and income levels. They were observed in their own homes by professional observers. What did the observers report? Children who exhibited good social, emotional, and intellectual development were found to have parents who enjoyed child-rearing. These parents also had confidence in their own parenting skills. The quality of parent-child interactions was found to be more important than the quantity of time spent with a child. The most successful parents exhibited these characteristics: · They talked to their children a lot and encouraged them to express or act out their own ideas. · Discipline was consistent and reasonable, without yelling or spanking. · Many opportunities to learn were offered--stopping to answer a question or read a book, allowing the children a chance to manipulate or explore with their hands in order to discover answers to their questions. · Encouragement and praise were high on the list, yet the parents were not so absorbed in their children that they could not enjoy them. · Finally, regardless of age, the child was well-liked by the parent. Source: Growing Child Newsletter
  • o, I forgot to add that parents should act as a unit.
  • to remember ur childs birthday. it really helps. take intrest in ur child. discipline but don't go overboard. Most of all, luv them. gd luck, i'm sure u will b great:)
  • A good parent is someone who never gives up. One who loves and protects their children and assures them that they will always be there for them. Being a friend, a teacher, a homemaker, a breadwinner and many more tasks, are some things it takes to be a good parent.
  • Characteristics of a good parent: Patience Perserverance
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  • An important point today that many parents emphasize, is being a good provider of the material needs of their children, that is food, shelter and clothing. That is proper and necessary. But even more important is the need for parents to take time to fill the emotional, mental and spiritual needs of their children. (see Matthew 4:4) Children need the love and affection that parents can give. This includes affectionate hugs and kisses, showing in a physical way that they are loved. As the children grow older, the need to spend time with them does not diminish. Particularly in their early teens, as pressures mount, youngsters are often beset by problems. Children need to be disciplined. They must learn the value of self control and self discipline. They must be taught to be law abiding and taught to respect proper authority. Time is also required to provide practical training for the children. They should all make some contribution to the family’s welfare, by taking care of things such as cleaning, mowing the lawn, setting the table, cooking, washing the dishes, and so forth. Also, teach young ones proper respect for others, as God’s Word counsels: “Do not severely criticize an older man. To the contrary, entreat him as a father, younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, younger women as sisters with all chasteness.” see 1 Tim. 5:1, 2. Without a doubt, the greatest gift you can bestow upon your children as a good parent is the right knowledge of God. That, too, requires time. How important is it? The Bible answers: “This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ.” (John 17:3) No gift you could give could ever equal that, you can actually help to put our children on the road to eternal life by teaching them God’s purposes and requirements. How soon should you start teaching your children about God? The apostle Paul noted of Timothy: “From infancy you have known the holy writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation.” 2 Tim. 3:15. Source: Bible scriptures cited and some thoughts from the Awake! Magazine 4/8/70 pages 4-7
  • they show there love for you compassion when there around u feel a sence of security and that they show that they also care deeply for you and love you the most in the world
  • Just trying to do the best you can for your kids in any given circumstance, encouraging them to trust you and talk to you about their worries, showing them that you love them by giving your support whatever they choose to do, and your comfort when things go wrong. I'm not sure anyone manages to be a perfect parent, everyone makes mistakes, but if you love your kids and make an effort to show it, the mistakes won't matter as much as the successes.
  • Love Caring Discipline Reliability Always listening Taking an intrest Trustworthy
  • Well, these days it appears all you have to do is manage to stay off the Jerry Springer show to be considered a good parent...Ya don't even have to be married any more apparently!
  • Nobody is perfect in the world but the characteristics of a good parent should be well-educated, discripline, honesty and love thier children so much. Having a well-educated, he or she will know how to teach his or her chilren in the right way. He or she should be discripline with her/his children who may make something wrong. He or she should make thier children that they won't have the bad behavior with unhonesty. A good parent should allow thier children to have thier own opinions that differ from his or hers and teach them how to back them up. Those are some of asperts of a good parent that should be appriciated.
  • coming from a gay guy, absolute and utter acceptance of your child wants and needs, and most important, SUPPORT! supporting your childs goals and choices (good or bad) communicates love to the child. listening is also very important. working on giving advice instead of sermons is also very important. letting your kid make his own mistakes is the only way he or she will ever learn.
  • Unconditional love, everything else is easy if you have that.
  • First of all Iwant to say hi to everyone:) In my opinion the characteristics of a good parent should be understandly. They should love themselves because they shouldn't, they can't love their children. Good parents should support their children who do different mistakes in life.
  • in my opinion being a good parent is to show them that they are importent to you that they are always on the top that you are always there no matter what they will find.
  • Loveing
  • They should be understanding. Show their kids that they are special and that they love them. They should be able to step back and let their kids make their own mistakes but be there to help them pick up the pieces if it falls apart. That in my eyes is a good parent.
  • Parents that don't stop trying because they love their children - they aren't perfect but continually do everything they can to show their love, guidance and support. So, some of the characteristics are to be loving and loyal.

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