• I just swallowed one myself last night. The box only says "DO NOT SWALLOW" but it doesn't tell you the outcome of effects... So what happened? Any intestinal blockage? Can't seem to find this answer anywhere...
  • So I swallowed both last night... I thought that, perhaps, I should do a quick search to see if this is a common occurrence and if I should be worried. It doesn't appear as though anyone has had any major problems after doing this. I fell asleep and swallowed them the last time I used them a few years ago too... and nothing really happened. I figure that it really can't be too bad. After all, they do go in your mouth and you are going to ingest some of it no matter what... and the plastic strips are really small. So, having been stupid enough to swallow them twice, I would venture to guess that it really isn't terribly harmful, if harmful at all. I feel fine today :)
  • Your poop chute will be whiter and fresher for a bit.
  • The warning tells you to contact a doctor right away. The reason for the warning is because of the fluoride in the tooth paste. Fluoride has a number of dangers associated that have bad effects on the body. If you look at the labels on non-fluoride tooth pastes there is no warning. Google fluoride on the internet and learn of the many health problems associated with fluoride.

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