• It would be nice, very nice. My life would be a lot less hectic.
  • Well I guess I'd have alot more eggs!
  • People will interact at equival level by the method of barter. Business without a common denominator is time consuming.
  • take a good look at the apes,you may find a very good answer.
    • mushroom
      Chimps organize ambushes of their rivals.
  • It would be like the olden days -- you'd trade your fresh eggs for things at the store, pay the doctor with a chicken or some potatoes, etc. We use a lot of "trade" in my business and I love it. Instead of using cash, we trade meals for radio and print ads, as well as motel rooms and tickets to local attractions that I can use as incentive gifts for our employees.
  • You may be on to something there.spunt ABOUT THE APES
  • You think robberies would go down? Would we have to "trade" items instead of buying?...something to ponder on---good question!
  • Plastic!
  • A world like that couldn't exist.
  • That world may be closer than one thinks according to "Revolutionary Wealth" by Toffler. There are so many different currencies in the world today, that we may be utilizing the bartering system more and more, i.e., trading air miles for a haircut, and so on.
  • Chaotic, horrifyingly violent and dangerous, disastrous. For the first few weeks at least, then we'd fall back to trading band aids for sugar.
  • Very nice place to live...All evil things are going for money in this world....
  • Probably a better place. No drama, no crime, no robbery. People are dying over money.
  • "People would have cleaner hands", There are various reasons why I said this, see if you can work it out.
  • i'll be better b/c evryone would have a house and anything they want
  • Make farming a hell of alot of a better job. because everyone needs food
  • 6-28-2017 The answer has filled many books, and still there is no agreement. No matter how you define "money", there is always somebody who prefers a different definition.
  • It is almost here now. Canada has a unique debit card requiring people to need very little cash. I enjoyed it when I lived in Canada. Most transactions now are just computer transfers. It is also necessary for the One World Order to control currency flow through out the world. It will be within the next 10 years.
  • Like Star Trek where replicators made everything you need and you don't have to pay for it.
    • Thinker
      No, I am sure the replicators are connected to the account of the person using it and is charged against the person's credits.
    • Linda Joy
      No they're not. Money was done away with. They said so in the episode where those people were that were cryogenically frozen were rescued.
    • Thinker
      Linda, in Star Trek they did not have money this is true, but they did receive "credits" they could use like money but it was not physical money. Banks do this now. Currency is nothing more than a computer entry. When we use a debit card there are two entries, one removes the amount from your bank account and places it in the recipient account. There was never any physical currency transferred. When you have a direct deposit it is just a computer entry. When you deposit cash it becomes a computer entry. Fractional banking requires banks to have 10% in physical currency. The rest of their assets are only computer entries. If you put $100 physical currency in a savings account the bank can "loan" $900 on that $100. the money does not exist except as a data entry for which you will pay 9% or more to borrow. That $900 was created out of thin air. Also for every physical dollar you have in your possession it is borrowed from the Federal Reserve Corporation and you are paying interest against that dollar to the Federal Reserve. Vicious circle isn't it!?
    • Linda Joy
      I was aware of the 10% min. But I don't borrow money. Monies may well be shifted on my behalf though.

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