• The letters at stickers, now to stop it...quick typing. Other than that you can buy another one such as I do.
  • It sounds like overuse. They are only printed on the keys, if you use your keyboard in an oily environment (near the kitchen for example) or with wet/damp hands then it can speed up this ink removal. Best thing to do is buy a new keyboard, they are as cheap as chips now anyways! :)
  • Keyboards are manufactured in an alternate dimension of reality to save costs -- basically in the Z-Theta Dimension (ZT dimension), labor costs about 1/3 as much as it does in ours. However, parts can be hard to come by in ZT dimension, in particular complex polymers such as the plastics in keyboards are unavailable entirely, and the ink used to impress the letters is likewise difficult to fabricate, so these materials are shipped to the Z-Theta Dimension for assembly by the low-paid workers, and then the finished keyboards are shipped back. This double-transition of the materials between dimensions cause a strain on the Futon particles which bind the atomic structure in the ink, as some particles are deposited on the substrate of the Z-Theta Dimension during transit. That means that as time passes, the letters become unstable and migrate back to the ZT dimension. In other words: you get what you pay for.
  • You can't. This is because the fingers wear the printed letters off the keys over time. As a remedy you may cut out white paper into letter shapes, and stick them to the keyboard using clear tape. But your best bet is to get a new keyboard.
  • Troll, I suppose you could try to coat the keys with transparent nail polish or some kind of finish they sell at hobby stores. That should delay the letters wearing off. I have the same problem and am going to try this. I HAVE to, as I have a laptop, so I can't get a new keyboard! My "m" has been looking very pale lately. lol
  • As time goes on, your fingers will wear of the paint of the letters in the keyboard. This could be because of constant use of a certain letter [A] or because some liquids have bee spilled on, like you're sweat or something else. My dad's cafe keyboards had some keyboards with no letters, so we went shopping. There are these logitech keyboards with another coating called UV, or something like that.
  • It's all the time you spend on AB, Troll....LoL! Just get a new keyboard. They are wearing off.
  • That is normal for those who use their keyboards alot. Just get a new one if you can't remember which buttons are which!
  • my "n" is pretty much gone. all the others are fine, i just don't know what happened to mr. n! i was thinking there might be stickers... if you find anything out let me know, and i'll do the same :)
  • Wear and tear, I'm sure you know the scales by now!

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