• If you need to smoke pot before sex just to make it enjoyable, there's something wrong with what you or the other person is doing.
  • well i dont need to smoke pot to enjoy sex, but i will admit it does make it a more pleasurable experience.
  • gimme a break ! what you all need is a tightly rolled doobie and some gettin it on! you think you know but you have no idea its like drinkin a beer when you go out with friends you dont HAVE to drink to have a good time with the lads BUT...
  • It's different. And for women, it can be more enjoyable because it causes your body to relax more and a lot of women are too tense to properly enjoy it. All substances change how sex feels. Doesn't make it better, per say. Pot heads will tell you it does because they think most things are better high.
  • in the past it has been enjoyable because it changes the animal sex to sensual love making and touching but it's not always that great i'd rather be all coked up when sexin

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